Saturday, June 28, 2008

What the _______ ???????

First showing scheduled between 1pm & 2pm
12:18pm people show up to see house, we haven't even left yet!
I answer the door and say to buyer's realtor "we'll be out in 2 mins"
He says "Ok, we'll just go over there", I was like OK, whatever.
As I watch him and his clients walk away I realize he is going to show another condo.
One of the condos in our complex went on the market Wednesday.

Holy Heck!!!! Now we have real competition!!!!

So now that they were 40 minutes early and now I am headed out to Great Gramma Et's.
I can't go back home till 4:30pm!! Another showing scheduled 3:45pm......*Sigh*....* Big Sigh*
The cats were crazy in the heat, and nervous nellies for being someplace else. UGH

Two good things: they are listed $5k more than we are, and when I returned one of our stools was moved so that sat there for a bit. Last time that happened the person who saw our place was looking between ours and another condo-So hopefully that is a good sign. Maybe lowering the price the $5k will help and maybe my St. Joseph will help too!!! Hope so!!

Oh and Emily had a ton of fun playing with Gramma Ethel's neighbor's kids. When she was done she came running up to us and and had a GoTee (spelling??) of dirt!! I asked her what happened and she said she ate dirt!! yes friends my daughter ate dirt, really bright!! I guess it was coming!! She then told me she tried to give K (neighbors daughter) some dirt too, but she didn't like it. Hmmmm, Wonder why??


Robyn said...

I can just picture the goatee. Ha

Tabitha said...

Hope that these people decide to buy your place!! Goodluck!!
love and hugs ~ Tabitha XXX