Friday, January 30, 2009

I give up.....

I feel like it is one thing after another. But this mousie situation is pushing me off the edge.

Wed night we put out 2 new traps. Thurs I was waiting for Jim to come home to look. When he came home I started to ask him about it and he said this morning he looked and saw we caught one. Ewww!! Later on I asked him to go and take care of it :) so he goes downstairs and 3mins later I heard Ewww and he comes running out the door and freaked out. He hesitates to tell me what happened-then I was like no I don't want to know. I am thinking it made a "mess" or suttin. Well he begins to tell me how its not head first (the other two had their heads in the traps so you could only see their butts) it kinda caught in the middle he was like "its looking at me" and he made this face lol...then he says "it may be my eyes playing tricks on me, but I swear the head moved" and he then goes on to make this funny face and shake his head LOL...we argue about what to do, I feel bad if its alive I don't want it suffering. Jim takes that as I want him to kill it....EWWWW EWWWW...never!! So he finally goes back down and poked at the trap and the mouse escaped!!! and Jim freaked out and came running upstairs and slammed the door. Now we wondered why if the mouse was alive and obviously could get out of the trap....why was he in there all day and maybe night LOL and now is it dying someplace....EEEEWWWWW

Thursday, January 29, 2009

She's back...

My car is safe in my garage.

This Monday Jim's car died (seems I've been braking cars lately). We expected his to die, we just didn't know when. I can't believe the timing, 2 cars breaking down so close together. Now we have to look into a used vehicle. We're doing our research because we've both always bought new. We don't want to spend what little money we have and get a piece of junk. I definitely want something all wheel or four wheel drive-the roads around here are so bad during the winter.

But my car is back...I hate not having a car.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Facebook, an emotional roller coaster

I finally did it, I joined Facebook. I didn't want to at first, kind of like blogging, but I am glad I did. When I first signed on I saw so many faces faces, faces of people I went to high school with. This was very emotional for me. I had a rough time during the last 2yrs of high school (long story-maybe another post-someday) Seeing these faces brought back so many memories, some good and some bad. I even felt alienated like high school could sometimes do to you. Once I began chatting with friends who meant something to me it was nice to reconnect. But on other days seeing pics from high school I would be thrown back into those feelings. My bad times in high school began after a breakup with my first love (I know, I know so typical) but knowing what I know now I SOOOO needed therapy then. But I didn't get therapy. I ended up in a doing things I'm not so proud of, some things that are so un-me. I sometimes wonder what my life would have been like if I didn't take that road. I am glad I ended up here with Jim and Emily. But I could've done so much more, been so much more. I loved high school (minus the crazy times) I guess sometimes when I think of hs I don't think of those times when I was not there...Just the times I enjoyed. But those bad times happened and maybe fb is throwing them in my face. Looking at pics friends have posted I realized that high school went on without me those last 2 yrs. So to me I have all these memories of high school and my friends. But to them I was there for only part of the fun. (I know I am being vague=but seriously that post would bring on many tears) I am jealous and I am sad. Seeing pictures of that certain ex boyfriend with his girlfriend. The gf he had cheated on me with and went out with for most of hs after me. The gf who was one of my childhood best friends. They ended up being captain of the football team and captain of the cheerleaders UGH Stab!!! Why does this picture from 18yrs ago still make me wanna hurl.

Know any good therapists?

I apologize for the run on sentences and bad grammar, I just needed to vent and didn't want to re-read it. Sorry!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I'm tired. I'm getting sick. Jim's car died Monday. My luck stinks. I have mice. I need some good news. Maybe I'll buy a lotto ticket?

Saturday, January 24, 2009

OMG! We caught a second one. Eeewww! i guess he wasn't a loner. he had at least one friend!!!! Off to Home Depot to buy more "Mouse Condos"... sorry Mousies!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Dear Little Mousie,
I hope your in a better place. I am sorry we had to take such drastic measures. I really hope you didn't have a family. Rest in peace.

Monday, January 19, 2009

So my car is broken :(
The timing chain broke.
Some kind of valves or somethings are bent.
Need new (or used) engine.
it costs alot!
I have a 2000 Saturn with $80k miles......its too young to die now.

Its War!!!

Ok so I am less than thrilled. The God Damn mouse is in my house. Seriously inside my living space. I was online about to go to bed and in the dark. I heard Willow in the kitchen make a noise...thought maybe she's chasing a it didn't come upstairs no way...2 mins later she is running around my feet at the computer.....I get up turn on the lights and there he is MF'n mouse. I yelled for Jim,we looked around and he took off. But I found some poop. Yay! And a pile of cat food under my radiator in the living room-no where near my cats bowl.... Son of a #@!%&!! They hoard food. Smart shits. Well I took the cat food away, cats will have to starve over night. Looked around the kitchen and found another pile under radiator in kitchen. UGH!!

Ok Mr Mouse, I have two attacks cats and they'll get you and if they don't um I think we're getting some traps tomorrow. I gave you the benefit of the doubt. I let you live. You could have boarded all winter as long as you stayed away from my stuff, my space. You messed up royally pal. This is war. You have until Noon tomorrow. Exit the building. Leave and don't come back....Hey there is a shed outback, nice views....take it, its all yours. I might even throw you a crumb or two. But the casa is made for me and my fam....2 cats is enough pets for me. Unless your interested in a glass condo with a exercise wheel....I am willing to negotiate.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Emily had school yesterday. We got up as normal and headed off. I went grocery shopping afterwards and then came home. Around 12:45 I got my coat and headed out the door to pick her up, school gets out at 1pm. MY CAR WOULDN'T START! I start to panic. Then I start to panic even more because how am I going to get Emily. I have a new cell phone so I don't have any numbers in there yet. I ran in the house hoping to catch one of the Mom's that I am friends with.....First one no answer. Second one "Hello" I tell her my problem and she says "Do you want me to bring Emily home?" I was elated I didn't even have to ask. Problem 1 solved. My car ran fine that morning-what the hell is wrong with it. It is a 2000, I have never had a car that was this old. Its been paid off so we were loving no car payment. We were considering looking into some "new" used cars in the spring but to trade in Jim's car not mine. My car had only like 80 something miles on it. I am sad, I hate not knowing what it may be. Is it a $200 fix or a $800+ fix....UGH!! But isn't crazy how certain things make you panic your car not starting or looking in your wallet and your license is missing.

Pray that my car is an easy fix. We can't afford a big one. :( No car payment is great, an older car with no warranty not so great! I hope your ok Mr Saturn.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

So, no more siting of the Damn Mouse. But I have been waiting for him to appear. No more craziness from we will see.

We had the open house for Emily's school and it was a pretty good turnout. At least some people came....But I have to say I am getting sick and tired of the crap talking and side conversations. This co-op crap is driving me crazy. Everyone has something to say and most of it is criticism but nothing to say to directly to the person (usually to me about my co-director/so I know people are talking about me too). I love when someone makes a joke and slips what someone had said behind my back, while we were greeting parents as they came in, the head teacher was like "are they going to hold the open house in hallway"....Whatever....I feel like saying something at the next board lets all grow up and if you have an opinion then share it professionally.

Smack Smack Smack!!

Oh and Emily and I got our haircuts today and we look good!! WOO HOO :) Of course we kinda have the same haircut so now everyone is gonna call her mini me from now on......

Monday, January 12, 2009

Day one......sabotaged

I want to thank everyone for their support. I am glad to have friends like you. Of course I wanted to start using the universal machine today, but last night I saw a mouse in my cellar. I am not afraid but a little creeped out. We need to put a light in the corner where we set up our gym...and until then I do not think I will be hanging out down there. I hate the idea of him (them) getting into my Christmas decorations. My ornaments all have meaning to me and I would be devastated if something happened to them. They are in plastic storage bins, but mice are tricky. They are on the far wall where it is colder, If I was a mouse I would want to be near the furnace area-which is where I saw him. I hope he is a lonely little mouse who came in from the cold and got scared when the furnace started up. That is how I saw him, he jumped when the furnace kicked on-LOL. I hope he ran away. But I doubt it. My washer and dryer are not in the cellar but in a half bath downstairs in the family room. I saw him in cellar behind the wall where the washer/dryers are.....last night willow, my cat was trying to get behind it....which she never I think she saw a mouse too. At least she is other cat would care less. Damn mouse. I hate to think of traps...but what else can we do. I have baby things downstairs and I am hoping to use them again some day..........Damn mouse. I wanted to set up my treadmill and use the universal gym......Damn mouse. I don't want my cat Willow to kill anybody.....Damn mouse. I don't want any mice in my stuff......Damn mouse.

Go away-Damn Mouse!!!!!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Time for change

I have been in a funk. I don't know whether it is the new year or the ever-ending snow that seems to fall in my new town. Maybe it's cabin fever or maybe I need to make big changes. I have been struggling with losing weight since the birth of my daughter. Since I have pcos ,this struggle is even more difficult.

My husband and I have made the decision to start trying for another baby after I lose another 20lbs or so. We both believe that if we don't at least try we will regret it. I have made some strides with my pcos symptoms so I am hoping that this journey of trying to conceive will not be as difficult as it was with my daughter.

But first things first. I am making big changes. Getting older stinks. I need to make some changes in our diets. More fresh veggies, fruits and more fish. I love fish. Jim has it in his genes, his 86yr old Grandmother is amazing and the longevity that runs in her family-thank god has some of these genes. My family, however, not so good. We have a friend who has been heavy most of his adult life and his family is all on the larger size, well he made some changes and he lost 82lbs last yr. If he can do it-so can we!!!

We did some major organizing yesterday in our basement. I only have one box left to unpack and that is my scrapbooking stuff!! We cleared and cleaned a nice spot for our universal gym and our treadmill. I plan to use these OFTEN!! I am also going to start counting my pts again and drink more water (I am not a big drinker-unless it is in a glass with salt around the rim).

I want another baby. As much as I would love to turn our third bedroom into my "craft room" I choose to make it a nursery. So people get ready for much whining... I am going to be cranky!!

Anyone know any good obgyn's-that have a clue what pcos is-in the Litchfield, New Haven or Hartford counties???

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Snow Snow Snow!!!

Here are some pictures from yesterday's storm. We had a nice New Years Eve. How about you?

Someone is LOVING the Snow in the "Country" lots of it to play in...

Just some of the snow hanging out in a tree.....

A Happy Happy Camper.....

Sledding in the back yard...
Look at all the Snow Mommy...

My road full of Snow and very quiet....

And heres the other side of the road, peaceful and beautiful...

Look at those cheeks, time to go in, Burrrrr...

Ahhhh!! Our first fire in the house and a perfect day for it, this is my view from the couch...