Saturday, May 30, 2009

Off to a wedding today. Not thrilled to go. Hope its a good time. I hate dressing up for these things when I am overweight. UGH. Hope everyone has a nice day.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Round and round....

I feel like I haven't stopped in weeks. Round and round I go. Tonight is my last board meeting for the year. Two more weeks of school. The last week of school will be crazy. That wed is Em's graduation, Thurs is her dress rehearsal, Friday is her last day of school, Sat is her big recital! Oh and I just found out that Monday the tickets go on sale from 4-7...But people line up really really early!! Like hours early! can you believe it...last yr they went on sale on Saturday morning at 9am and people got there at like 4:30am.....holy hell!! CRAZY! When will the madness end?

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Its official...I'm a klutz

Thursday night while making dinner I spilled my drink (my very red drink) on my white shirt. While eating dinner I spilled the same drink on my white shirt two more times. Then I spilled the same bottle (of very red drink) onto the table and onto my shirt. This beverage was not even alcoholic....Jim thought it was hysterical.

This morning I fell in the shower. Our tub is very slippery, I purchased a mat for it. Said mat wasn't present this morning. Bam...I fell.

I told my husband if I fall one more time its off to the Dr I go....Maybe I am having a stroke (jk) or I am just a plain old klutz.....(haven't been this klutzy since my pregnancy)

Hope everyone is enjoying their Memorial Day weekend. We just got back from the drive-in, we had an excellent time!!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I fell yesterday! Head first to the ground. Fell on my knees mostly-they hurt. I got so shook up I almost passed out.

We stopped for dinner on our way home from a Tball game. A little burger place on the way home. We had just finished dinner and its attached to a Carvel, so I headed in for a soft serve to share with Em. We were outside and I was walking and bam I fell. There was a step, I guess I missed it but I don't really know. I felt like I was going to fall and break something or hit my face. I just sat there dazed and looked toward Jim and he was just sitting there looking in my direction...I was like "Jim" but I don't think I said it very loudly. I was like why isn't he running to help me? There was a table in between us, so he didn't see me. All of a sudden there were 3 men -who did see- there to help me up. I was still looking at Jim like help...but still he didn't see me. I walked over and was like why didn't you help me, I fell. He was like are you ok? I was NO I FELL!! He didn't see it at all, he felt so bad. It was just so weird I was so shaky and in pain. I walked over to the car and when I sat down my knees were KILLING me, I just wanted to cry...from pain and embarrassment. Then I was getting all hot and shaky and my hearing was "muffled"...I knew I was getting ready to faint. Jim ran to get me some ice for my neck-helps with the fainting.

I am ok. Some pain in my knees and still a little shaken up. But fine. But I still really don't know what happened. It was just a strange experience.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Kindergarten vs Fall Baby

So funny, when I first sent Emily to preschool...I was like "if she's ready, she's ready. If she's not, she's not. But now I am so on the fence. I have no doubt in my mind that she is ready and will do fine. But our town has full day kindergarten 9-3pm. But she can go to preschool again and her teacher believes it couldn't hurt and she would only benefit from another year to mature (how mature can a 4 yr old get?) We had Kindergarten orientation today, I went just to go. She was fine, she isn't shy or afraid. She would have stayed there all day. She doesn't even look over her head to see where I am. I worry about friends, she made friends and they will be going on...she will make new friends but??? On the other hand she is perfectly ok with going to preschool again. I guess I should just follow her lead. I hate having the decision....we are one of a handful of states that still give the option 4 by Dec 31st is eligible for K.

What did you do? Do you have a fall baby?

Monday, May 18, 2009


Why is it ? When your computer dies, goes on the fritz, gets lose your mind too. I was without mine for a week, but it feels like a month. I still can't quite get into the swing of things. I have so many things to do for the school, for myself-never mind all the blogs I want to catch up on. My computer is my lifeline, its official. Its crazy how much you rely on things like your car, cell, computer, tv, TIVO...and when they're gone...your lost.

I've had enough things die on me in 2009, dear God are we through? Maybe good things are to come....maybe that baby I'm hoping for? I don't think I can take one more thing breaking on me.

*On a happier note, Emily and I went to the drive in Saturday night, it was fun. We had a blast. Monsters vs. Aliens and Wolverine: origins. Both good!! Oh and after pick up at school-off to Ikea with Chele-woo hoo *

Thursday, May 14, 2009

I'm back!!

Hi People, I am back. I feel like I have been gone forever, so many blogs to catch up on. My computer died last week although it feels like longer. My hard drive is toast, I have all my photos on there and found out it will cost like $600 to "maybe" retrieve them-no guarantees. I will have to wait on that because we also had to buy a new computer. UGH. Seriously how many more things can die/break on me this year. Both cars and my computer?? Seriously I give up. Luckily I forgot I had some pictures on snapfish, shutterfly etc. So not all is lost but I had TONS of pictures on my computer. My computer wasn't even 4yrs old and I hadn't backed them up yet. I've learned my lesson (I hope) and will do a backup monthly!!

How is everyone? I can't wait to check everyone out.