Monday, June 9, 2008

The 'hair cut'

This is the first 'tuft' of hair I saw as I wandered upstairs.....

Here is the wad of hair I found in the toilet, I guess at least she cut her hair over the toilet.

Here you can see the very short chunks she cut out of the side of her hair :(

It was mostly her right side, I tried to trim it and make it even, but she has so much hair it came out uckky- again I am no pro. We ended up at the mall today and I got her hair cut. With the humidity today it dried funny and I thought, it'll do. But she just took a bath, and I blew it dry and she looks VERY cute!!

We cut it shorter for the summer. I will post picks tomorrow, we also had a 'photo shoot' before the hair cut... Some funny pics, she actually let me pose her-LOL- you'll see.


Keri said...

When the heat dies down some... wanna go walking in Canton together?? The two girls would have a hoot of a time and they have great trails. let me know.

Robyn said...

I would have died. I'm glad it worked out.

~**Dawn**~ said...

No wonder you felt sick looking in that toilet! Yipes! I bet she's cute as a button with her new 'do though!