Saturday, June 14, 2008


Hi there!!
This question is mostly for the Moms out there, but I guess it relates to everyone. I've noticed that some people have "blog names" for their children or loved ones to protect their identity. But I also see people post a lot of pictures of their children. I am very new to blogging, so I am curious to how you all feel about safety and protection for those we love, especially our children. I worry about the pictures I post of my daughter potentially ending up viewed by someone I rather not view them?

Do you have any concerns re; your children's pictures online?

Why do you use "blog names"?

Do you keep the pictures up forever? Do you delete them later on?

Do you worry about weirdos peeking at your blogs?

Any safety features you know of that you can share with me?


Robyn said...

I have a blog name just because. Most of the people who frequent my blog know her real name. I call the boy, The Boy, because he is my step and I don't want to have talk to his mom about my blog. I don't really use any photos that show his face either, but he's on one of those facebook/myspace sites anyhow. I'm not too concerened about weirdos, I live next door to a couple I look at it a little like a photo in the paper any one can see that, and it usually lists the kid's name, school, parents, everything anyone could use to "find" someone if they wanted to. By the number of comments I get I'm not too worried.

~**Dawn**~ said...

I recently read another mother saying that she is careful not to disclose her location or last name or to post any photos of her child that could be viewed by terrible people in a not nice way but that she won't live in fear by not talking about her kids or sharing photos. I think a healthy dose of caution is important for all of us but not so much that we get paranoid. After all, it's a risk just to walk out our front doors every day if you think about it. I would say to make wise choices about your personal info but don't let it control you. =)

Flea said...

Like you, I've been playing it by ear. I used to call my children by their names on my blog, and I still post their photos. But my blog traffic increased overnight at some point and I changed the names. I don't remember why, but having a lot of traffic AND having my kids' names posted was a little too much for me.

April said...

I don't post my actual town (just the state) and that's fine with me. I have mentioned my last name in the past but I think once I have children on my blog, I won't ever mention our last name, just as a precaution. I don't see the problem though in posting first (real) names for children. I guess it's all about what YOU personally feel comfortable with, ya know?

~**Dawn**~ said...

I think to expand on what April said, using a first name is no more dangerous in my mind than calling your child by their first name in the store. Someone could hear you there just as easily as read it here -- and there they could follow you home if they wanted to -- but that doesn't make you stay home & not ever use your child's name in public, right? I think as long as you are careful not to use your last name here or disclose your immediate location (I just say I am from Central Florida) or talk about which school they go to, you're doing a fair job of protecting their anonymity. First names are a dime a dozen. I know of one blogger who uses real first names for her kids as opposed to cutesy nicknames but they are not her kids actual first names -- like calling your daughter Beth instead of Emily, for example. Just my two cents. You have to do what you're comfortable with. (If this is my second comment, does that make it my four cents??)

jules said...

Thanks Ladies!
I was just curious since I'm so new. I don't really have a prob mentioning her name, but I guess like Flea said If I began to get more traffic I might adjust. Thanks so much for your advice and thoghts- it really helps!