Thursday, June 19, 2008

This market is giving me a headache

So we had the big discussion we lower the price or do we keep it the same. It's been three months and we haven't had an offer. We did have one woman who was deciding between our condo and another-but obviously chose the other. But other than that, we haven't heard much. I guess I will sleep on it, I feel like we've already made the decision to lower it. I just need a few more questions answered then I can decide for sure. I just want to move.

**update 5:15pm**
We have officially lowered our price!!
Come on "someone" buy it already!!


Keri said...

What a painful decision. I hope you get to the 'country' soon.

Heather said...

that is a hard decision...if you can afford it you may want to lower it b/c the market is so rough right now. there are a couple houses on our street that will not sell and have been trying for a long time now...they are nice houses but really high priced and in this market sometimes if you can you have to budge a bit.
good luck!

April said...

That's so hard when it's not a seller's obviously don't wanna ask for less. I hope someone comes in to buy it for what your selling now!!!!!

jules said...

thanks for the support. It's hard because we want to sell and move before this market gets worse. We bought very low back in 99' so we'll make a profit no matter what, but i'd like to have a nice little next egg, but we do have some things we wanna pay off too.

Remember being a kid and wanting to grow up....crasy!!