Thursday, July 31, 2008

What's going on??

I feel like I have been going and going. I am not a morning person and like to take advantage, that my daughter is a quiet little girl in the morning. I enjoy sleeping in a bit. This week I did not have the chance at all. Saturday will have to be the day, Emily + Daddy= Mommy sleeping in. Ahhhhh sounds so good.

Monday, I went to my MIL's pool for the last time, she is moving to her new house today. Chele came with us and we just floated around in the pool all day. It was a nice day.

Tuesday, I had a date with a painter. He was here to paint all my exterior doors. They look so pwetty. Emily told them they did a good job, the guys got a kick out of that.

Wednesday, I headed to the 'country' to do some work at Emily's school. There's a few issues that need to be resolved, not fun. I was up till 3am-what was I thinking.

Thursday, I had another date with a different painter. He came to fix the spot from the leak. He was supposed to call me in the morning and he didn't. I had to get gas and go grocery shopping. He didn't call so I left. Of course he called the minute I left and he thought I wasn't home. Well, luckily we caught up with each other and he painted. Took him 7mins!!

Friday, The buyer's lender's appraiser is coming for 9am. My Mom is picking up the Emster for 10ish, she told me she was taking her-lovely parents. Then the buyer's inspector is coming for noon. I will head out with the cats and chill for a bit. I will then come home and maybe pack some or something. Hmmmm alone time, maybe I will just read. Later I will meet my Mom and Em at my grandfather's and come home.

Saturday, I don't think I have anything planned. Oh that would be nice.

Sunday, Hubby is working all day. Maybe I will take a ride to the 'country' and have lunch where he is working.

I haven't gone to the beach in years. I am not in favor of wearing a bathing suit in public. But Emily has never been to the Ocean. I really wanna take her. I already got Chele interested in joining us. My Mom never took us to places like that because she was uncomfortable (I think) and I don't want to do that to Emily. Maybe I will just wear shorts and a tank top. I don't have to swim. She will be SO happy!!!

I organized my google reader and I feel like I haven't been commenting or blogging. I used to just go from blog to blog. I have to find a happy medium. I have been reading, I am not ignoring you guys.

Oh and thanks for the comments re; the cabinets . I feel better about them now. I thought there was no hope. I can't wait to do something and show you all the before and afters.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Moving right along, literally

Things are moving in the right direction, our buyers have scheduled their inspection for Friday at noon. I think it'll be fine, but, I can't help worry that something might be wrong that you can't see. Like when you bring your car in for an oil change and you hope they don't come out with a list of things that need to be fixed. Our a/c is old, but we had a new motor/blower put in the furnace last summer. The structural issues aren't our issue, that would fall on the management's shoulders. But you never know, I guess whenever someone is looking at you or your things under a microscope you can't help but worry.

But the good news is things are moving along... After the inspection clears (knock on wood) the big hurdle will be the financing. I guess I better start packing.

Don't ask me why...

As my husband was heading up to bed, he mentioned that if our original contract hadn't fallen through, we'd be moving tomorrow. Tonight would have been our last night in our condo.

All of a sudden, anxiety hit me. Since we signed this new contract we have been going day by day, not really thinking that we are moving. But we are (holy cow) moving in 34 days. It just doesn't seem real. It's like with all the craziness we are just waiting for something to go wrong.

But these girls are not from the 'city'. I'm not sure if I mentioned this before or not, but I live in a 'city' that has been great for us, but not everyone wants to live here. Most of the people who live here are so different from any place I know. They kinda make up their own rules...Ask Jackie,LOL. So the people we were dealing with prior are from this 'city'. The two new girls are actually from the town where I grew up, and believe me, people from this town are GREAT!!!! Ask Chele, Heather, Dawn, Keri and Sarah-LOL.

It seems like just yesterday that all of that happened and time flew by and we would be moving tomorrow. So weird.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Our first concert

Emily and I went to our first concert last night. Not really, we watched the Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus 3-D concert featuring the Jonas Brothers. So as far as she was concerned, this was her first concert. We watched it with our 3-D glasses we got free from Walmart. The concert was short (thankfully) and neat. The 3-D features were very cool. At the end it really looked there was confetti falling in my room. We had a lot of fun. We sang we danced. At one point I was singing and Em said "Mommy, this is MY favorite show, I wanna sing". I guess I wasn't doing such a great job at singing. Later we were dancing, she didn't tell me to stop, I guess I am a great dancer,LOL.

Here are the adorable Jonas brothers, Emily screamed when they came out on stage. It was so cute. I enjoy their songs much more than The Wiggles, Backyardigans or Higglytown heroes etc.

Here's Em sporting her 3-Dglasses and singing along with Hannah, using her HM microphone.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Calling all decoraters & creative thinkers

Alright Ladies, start your brains. This is my soon (well maybe, but definitely hoping) to be circa 1975 kitchen. We can't afford to remodel as of yet, but I NEED to do something with it. I am hoping just adding my cute rooster stuff will make it better. It is just so dark. It actually looks better in these pictures. Any suggestions, ideas. You gotta love the space aged light over the kitchen table too. That I am so replacing!!

This is a close up of the barn wood. Kinda bulky and rough-not sure it will paint nicely. Oh and definitely getting rid of the rust colored,textured wall paper covering the soffit.

Nice, space light fixture. My MIL assures me this was cool in the 70's.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Choose a side

Are you a Hero or a Villain??

There is still time to catch up...This is a great show!!

No bidding wars here

We accepted the offer from the two nice girls. The crazy lady was till offering peanuts. Cross your fingers that this goes nice and smooth without a hitch. Hopefully the inspection will go well and they will get the mortgage.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

When will the madness end

I have taken a break from blogging about selling this damn condo. I had to post tonight because I can't believe how crazy this is. So you remember the first potential buyers who fell through and then there was the ridiculous offer that made us laugh. After our contract fell through we had the demanding lady who had me cleaning in my underpants and doing cartwheels for her. Then after all my tricks sends her official offer over $5k less than the verbal offer she originally gave us. We countered and then never heard from her or her realtor. So I took a week off, I didn't want to bore you anymore. Well the chaos continues. Sunday we had a showing set up for 2pm, thankfully hubby was home with me to help. At 1pm I hear the doorbell and scream "you have to be kidding me". My hubby goes to see who it is, the realtor says "we're a little early" hubby's reply "yeah an hour early". They were pretty reasonable and waited. About 10mins later they came and looked around we hung out in the garage. We then headed to my husband's god-son's birthday party. Our Realtor and Lawyer were there as well, and D-our realtor-gets a call, they want to make an offer. Now these people seemed pretty normal, we're hoping that things may finally go smoothly, but in no way are we getting our hopes up. So anyway they said the offer was a little under what we wanted, we get it and it's $15k less WTF. We countered and they countered back and they offered the least amount we are willing to take. So we decide, lets take it and run. Today we were waiting for the second contract to come in. Well our realtor calls us and says that the other lady "demanding lady" wants to make another offer because she REALLY LIKES our condo. HOLY CRAP!!! Our realtor mentioned that we were working on a deal with someone and her realtor said she wants to put something in because she REALLY wants it. Tomorrow should be funny, I wonder what her new offer will be. She knows what our bottom line is, and knowing we're about to finalize things with someone else~ will she go a little higher. Good thing with her is her mortgage broker is our realtor's uncle and she isn't FHA or CHFA. The other people are CHFA....

What a mess. Is it always this crazy. I just laugh now. I never thought it would be this crazy!!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

New Blogger

Hi everyone,

My friend Jackie is new at blogging. I told her about how great it was talking with all of you, so she decided to join the fun. If you get a second, stop by and say hello.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Party was not so bad.
It was hot, but there were a few breezes.
Sat under a tent.
Food was ok too.
But Friends made it lots of fun.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Annual Sweat your butt off party

My husband's god-son's birthday is July 18th, tomorrow is his birthday party. Every year his party seems to be on the hottest day of the entire summer. It looks like without fail, tomorrow will continue the trend. Emily will have a blast!! Running around playing in the kiddie pool. But for the grownups *hot,hot,hot*.

I can't WAIT. WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So tomorrow, instead of being in my central air condo (which is for sale-any takers??) I will be at a very HOT HOT HOT party.

Friday, July 18, 2008

I promised you and I promised myself. No house talk. But I had to say I have been cleaning up a storm, making everything shiny today.

On another completely different note. My daughter NEEDS a brother or sister. Today she was playing with not one, but a group of imaginary friends of varying sizes. She told me she was the biggest, 'bubie', 'tubie', 'kubie', 'jubie' were in between and 'Emmy' was the smallest of all her friends.

What an imagination!

Back to cleaning............

Once Upon A Time......

Thursday, July 17, 2008

This made me smile

I asked Emily to put our flip flops away..........They are in the middle of the living room floor. Sometimes I wonder what is going through her cute little head.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I was sitting on the couch deciding whether or not to go to bed. I am just mad. You all remember me talking about my 'partner' for Em's school. She has decided to stick it out and see how it goes, but I am not so sure. She irritates me. I am one of those people, I feel like I can get along with anyone. She is so, I can't quite put it into words. I am angry because, one of the other members of the board asked to meet up with us. I said I was going to be at the school tomorrow (25mins away). I emailed her to see if she was available. I get home and there is an email saying she is available Monday morning. I guess they ran into each other in town. They all live in the area, I do not. She has 4 children and it seems Mondays are her only day to get things done. With all the stuff for the school, and running to the house to bring boxes, I don't want to drive up there 50 times in a week. I am just angry because when the old directors tried to meet up with us, we had many issues finding day/time because of her. I hate being the flexible one. Part of me wants to be like no I am not available Monday morning. UGH. I am meeting up with one of the other Mom's on the board tomorrow, her daughter is starting in Em's class next yr and she wants them to meet. She emailed me and kinda brought up some issues re; my 'partner' she wasn't mean or anything. I could have been reading into things. We'll see. Part of me wishes she will change her mind. Her twins aren't potty trained and they have to be. Maybe. I am just mad, I hate people who think the world revolves around them. We all have lives. Just because you have four kids and I have one doesn't mean your time is more important than mine.

It's funny how a first impression is usually right. When I first met her, I found out she grew up in the same town as me. When we discussed which high school we went to she asked me when I graduated. When I told her she made this noise. She is older (I found out later) but why a noise, it's not like I am ten.

I better get to bed before I am all fired up and can't sleep. Thanks for listening!!!


We headed to my MIL's today, hung out at the pool for a few hours. It was nice to just have fun and cool off. Emily did so good with her water wings today. She really is getting more comfortable in the water. Too bad my MIL sold her house and is moving on August 4th. She lives about 40mins away, so we only make a pool trip once a week. So maybe 2 more pool days for us. I think Chele will join us for our last pool trip on July 28th. I hope we can get our own pool someday, I am an Aquarius-give me water!! The 'country' house actually had an above ground pool until about 5 or 6yrs ago.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I know I promised, but it'll be quick.......

How unprofessional and rude is it, that another so called professional realtor doesn't acknowledge whether her client has accepted or denied our counter offer. Personally I don't care, she is an idiot. But they expected us to bend over backwards and be ready to show our house whenever they felt like it. But they can't even say no we decline.


Monday, July 14, 2008

Who are your cutie patooties?

These are the guys I like to look at when my husband isn't around, Nope even when he is around!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

My Punkymoods is annoyed and it's annoying me!! I tried changing it last night, like 5 times. And just now I tried again....and NADA!!!! So just so you all know I am now........


One of the things I like most about blogging is getting to know each of you. It's amazing that we can be thousands of miles away, in different parts of the world. Yet it can feel like we are so clos and that we are a type of neighbors. We learn about each others families, things from our past, things in the present and things to come.

So I've been tagged by Flea, I am supposed to ask a loved one to tell me three random thing about myself. So I asked my husband " can you think of three random things about me" He looks at me like are you crazy, why the heck do you want me to tell you something like that. I said "it's a blog thing" he says "oh.....a blog thing". He doesn't quite get blogging yet, but knows I spend a lot of time doing it. So he starts to think and stares off into space and comes up with: 1) I never finish a hot cup of coffee 2) I do this weird thing with my index finger, I will make shapes or write out words with it-like it's a pencil- and I sometimes don't realize it (hope that makes sense) 3) I don't like sports AT ALL.

So now for the tagging, I am going to tag some people whose blogs are fairly new to me, Tabitha from Twinkle Twinkle, Lynn from Surviving in a house of all boys, Amanda at Penny 'n' pounds and my friend Jackie at Bluevelvet24's life who is pretty new to Blogging oh and I think I will tag my cousin chele at On the tip of my fingers because I just left her house and I know a lot about her so her tag should be a little different- OK chele I am changing the rules for you- you need to ask a friend to list 3 randoms things about you. I hope to learn some new things about you. So ask your loved ones what they think, and don't forget to say "Phtphtbt!" in the comment when you tag them.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Do you want the good news or bad news??

GOOD NEWS-Our potential buyer has excellent credit, and her mortgage broker is our realtor's uncle.

BAD NEWS- She went down $5k from her verbal offer AND wants my washer & dryer (not part of the original listing)oh and wants to close in 45days.

Yeah OK, No problem. We'll give you our home for free!! Oh and I'll even buy a new washer & dryer! No Problem!!

I am so annoyed!

Oh and this morning right before 9am hubby called to say she wanted to see the condo again before actually making an offer...IN AN HOUR!! Mind you, Emily was sleeping in and so was I.

Did I say I was annoyed?

She even asked me "what kind of people live next door, black ,white, spanish?" What kind of Moron asks that?

Oh and after her realtor left, they were sitting in their car 'talking' (she broght a friend today) and my neighbor pulled in and her friend jumps out to talk to my neighbor. Whatever!! Leave my neighbor alone!

Oh and in case you were wondering I am annoyed!!!

I didn't think when I started blogging that all I would talk about was selling this house. Next week no house talk I PROMISE!!!!

Check out my punkymood......

It's a Good Thing

I decided instead of posting about all the negative things involved in this move.
I will post some pics of my new town in the 'country'.

In the 'country' we will have a yard, a quiet street to walk on, birds singing, crickets chirping, deer, bear and windows to open and enjoy the outside air.

Enjoy these pics of my new the beautiful 'country'


Thursday, July 10, 2008

would you believe me if.....

I told you that current poop heads, um I mean buyers, can't get mortgage anywhere. Dave (realtor) got letter from their realtor stating they can't and won't get approved for FHA or any other mortgage. I guess besides lying about their annual income, they had a ton of insufficient funds and one of them being their $300 a month rent. Who can't pay their $300 rent but thinks they can buy a house or condo. HELLO??

My saga continues..........................................................

A name change

Some people call me Jul, Jules, Julie, Mommy, Joey and Jojo and in my former email address I went by Jujukat and now my blog holds that name. But for some reason seeing Jules when I made a post or comment it just didn't feel right. Kinda like I was calling myself by a nickname. As I blogged more and more I didn't want to go and change what people knew me as. But today I decided, I am Julie and that is what I will go by. If some one called me Jules of course I would still answer, but I am Julie and that is that.

I think I may also be losing some marbles.....

I am just numb to the stress now.
This weekend I think I am in need of a break.
A visit to my favorite cousin chele's house, I think so!!
Maybe a walk and some beverages!!!

Another headache

Found out,finally, from current buyers mortgage guy that it doesn't look good. His income last yr was inflated by an $30k IRA he cashed in. NICE!! So this new offer, they seem to be standing strong at 9900 less than asking. So now me and hubby are tring to decide it if is worth our while to just go lower. We're wondering if the first offer was kinda a fluff offer. The market is so bad and the city we live in isn't on the top of everyone's list. So this 3rd offer is right in the middle of all three?? IS this a sign????

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Can I cry yet??


Because of our 'crappy' buyers to be, our lawyer/friend advised us to keep showing the house and if we got another offer, maybe it would be better. Our mall has FREE movies all summer and I decided to take Emily to see Curious George. As I am walking into the mall at 9:30am my hubby calls to say someone is coming at 4:30pm to see the house. OK, now my house isn't ready to be shown, we've been packing and well relaxing since we hadn't thought we'd be showing again. So after the movie I had to get home and clean. Yes back to windexing the windows and shining everything up. Well as I said before they were supposed to come at 4:30pm and said they would wait outside if I wasn't gone yet to give me a few mins...I am walking around my house cleaning in my tshirt and UNDERPANTS (I was hot). At 3:25pm as I am vacuuming the stair going upstairs. Emily comes running upstairs and says the people are here, they need you,so I throw on my pants and go to see them all sweaty and now I have no idea if my pants are buttoned or zipped-who the hell knows. MIND YOU!!! the house is mid cleaning, emily is cleaning the cats litter box bathroom/ mid mess so it looks bad-real bad litter box sitting on toilet so she could sweep, I didn't sweep the kitchen floor yet, there is a garbage bag in the kitchen, stools on the counter, dishes out. OMG I am freaking out. Then they are asking me all kinds of questions, I apologized and all the time I am super PO'd at Dave/friend/realtor........ or was this realtor just a big fat LIAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If this lady buys the condo I want half the commision!!

I AM SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO PO'd!!!!!!!!!!!! Will this EVER END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well at least my house is shiny,and clean...

All this time I was taking my cats with me so I wouldn't have to worry and they were fine, one hiding and one hanging by the couch.

**Update 4:04pm**
They made an offer, $10k less than asking but the negotiation begins, first we need to find out if we can walk away from these other fools and then when does this new buyer want to close and what can we get her a bit higher. We're almost willing to lower the price a bit more if it can guarantee a smooth closing!!!!

Oh and I seriously want half the commission.....

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Which Disney Princess Are You?

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Find Your Character @

On a happier note....

I have been blogging (babbling) about selling my house and moving....Boring!! So on a happier note I thought I post some recent cute pics. I don't have much to say because I am still stressing and watching that count down to the right and knowing I have to change it makes me MAD. So I am going to change channels for a bit........ In between all the chaos.....

We had some fun in Grandma's pool, Emily decided that her 'baby' floatee thingee that she never wanted any part of before was the coolest boat ever....

She had fun trying to swim with her water wings until she decided to jump and went under...

I love this bikini my SIL bought her, look at the cute little ruffles ...

Emily tried to help me pack. I guess she's all I really need to pack...

Hope Everyone is having a good day.....

Monday, July 7, 2008

Did you ever...

Feel like things always go wrong?
Feel like you can never catch a break?

We got a call tonight saying that the buyers couldn't provide a copy of their bank statement so they need to wait till August 15th and may need to close on September 1st. This just seems to be bad news. Whatever paperwork they didn't have they wouldn't explain it to their realtor. Our Realtor is going to call their (confused yet) Mortgage broker (somehow he got permission). So maybe we can get a better explanation. Why can't they get a copy of their bank statement? Why August 15th, why not July 15th?? I think this may fall apart.

We really need to move soon, this is crazy!!!

I am never moving again, unless it is to my Dream house, a House on the coast of Maine.

Saturday, July 5, 2008


I just looked down at my 'counter' and saw 25 days. I haven't done a thing for the move. The closing is actually 25 days away, that is a Thursday. We will make our official move on Monday the 28th, so that mean I have 21 days to really get to packing. We are so glad we're moving, but this is the worst month to move. We have my husband's god-son's birthday on the 20th, a wedding on the 26th and this 4th of July weekend-just dragging.

I always....

wanted a fish, but was afraid I couldn't keep it alive or keep my cats from eating.
Now I have a fish-cool huh- I can even make her Purple :)

Thursday, July 3, 2008

You Have to be Kidding Me!!!

I just got a long EMAIL from the other Co-director of my daughter's school. The woman who is supposed to be my partner through this school year has just informed me that she can not do the job. She doesn't feel that she has enough time to be an equal partner for me. Holy crap!! I am feeling so stressed with the move, found out yesterday that my FIL is going on vacation for the next two weeks. That leaves him a WEEK to move his 35+ yrs of belongings into his in-law apartment or into the trash. Now this, no one wants to be a co-director. I hope she will find her own replacement so I don't have to add that to my ever growing list.

Anyone interested in meeting for LOTS of margaritas, oh lets say around September?????

Why is it....

that buying and selling your home is the most stressful things ever. I remember 9yrs ago when we bought this condo how stressful it was. One thing after another, running around getting things done. Well selling is just as stressful. For me I think it is losing control. We are under contract, but is it set in stone? No! The buyers need to set up a home inspection w/in 10 days. Once that is done, check, closer to moving. Their financing, we were told they were pre-approved and pre-qualified and for a great rate-so hopefully no glitches. Then yesterday, July 2nd, we recieved out taxes that were due on July 1st. The 'city' I live in has had tax issues for yrs, I believe we have the highest or one of the highest mill rates in the state. Well our mill rate went up again-nice-hopefully not causing a glitch. The taxes will be $800 higher than buyers were told-but we just found out too. Besides this is city wide, so I guess any condo would have changed. Because we have less than 30days to move, I wanna start moving stuff pronto, I think we will make the big move (furniture) on Monday 7/28th. I hate the be moving stuff up there and have something happen.

'Country' here we come!!

I can't wait to have you local bloggers over for some refreshments- I haven't entertained since Emily was born!!!

Pictures to come of my circa 1975 kitchen, my in-laws built this house we are moving to, according to my mil the kitchen was fabulous when brand new-not so much now. We can't afford to renovate just yet. So I will have to paint or something....I'll need all your advice and expertise. The toughest part is the cabinets are 'barn wood', I know barn wood-nice. Not this barn wood. A friend of mine just bought a barn wood dining room table-BEAUTIFUL!! My cabinets are like a grey-ish brown and a rough texture. Like if you ripped down and old barn and made your own cabinets. UGH-this is going to be a busy, crazy few months!!

Thank goodness I can blog(vent) away to you ladies!!! Thanks in advance :) Here is a pic of my soon to be house (minus garage/in-law addition) and my front yard. (and that's my sis-in-law with Em 2yrs ago-she was so little)

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

WOO freaking HOO

We have an official offer!! That we like!!

Of the 2 offers we received:
One was an official offer that was $20k less than our asking price- Um HELLO !?!
The other offer as of this morning was only un-official. That is the one we were waiting for.I just heard from hubby, they finally faxed over the official offer. They originally said they wanted to offer $5k less than asking but submitted $4k less because we had the other offer. So I think as long as the contract looks good we are going to accept.

I can't believe, we may be moving in LESS than 30days. They want to close on 7/30th which is a Wednesday. So we will probably move the weekend of the 26th (which we happen to have a wedding).

I have to pack, I need to find boxes!!

On a funny note- the people with the good offer are the people who originally came and there was no key & who came early on Saturday. Kinda funny, almost meant to be.

**update 4:26pm** We accepted their offer, we close 7/31st! I can't believe it. So sad, but exciting. So many mixed emotions. I have so much to do. But tomorrow I am going to my MIL's and sitting by the pool and relaxing, a day for me and Em to chill.

Just when you thought you've been waiting...

You have to wait some more. I hate waiting, I hate the way it makes me feel. This whole offers and real estate talk is driving me nuts. I can't wait for it to be over. While I was waiting and waiting, I get a call from my hubby. He called from work to tell me he isn't feeling well and his breathing is weird. I tell him to call his doc, I guess he also felt this way Sat & Sun night. We hang up and he calls me back within a few mins. His doc can't get him in the office for a few weeks but suggests he goes to the ER for a chest xray. Now I am freaking out. Now he is freaking out, but because we have a $150 ER copay and we soooo didn't budget that one. So we figure we have to do this so what the heck. He comes home, my Mom comes to stay with Em. We went to the ER 5mins down the road, one good thing about living in the 'city'. We were WAITING in the ER from 4:55pm till 9:12pm. The drs probably spent a total of 20mins with us and only did a chest xray & EKG. We weren't even shown to a room within the first 2 1/2 hrs we were WAITING. It was just crazy, the dr said they had 30 patients and 2 drs. I guess Mondays are the busiest in the ER, drs offices are closed over the weekend, so Monday morning the office is busy so the drs send all their patients to the ER. Nice!! Well anyway, after a very long WAIT and after we both thought he was having a heart attack, both tests came back fine. He has to follow up with his regular doc and a specialist he sees-seems it may be related to something else. I had no idea, but we'll see. But the good news is my hubby is fine. It was very scary, because for a minute all I could think about was- what if I lost him- I would not know what to do without him.

Now don't WAIT go and give your significant other a hug and a kiss. Tell them what they mean to you.

I Love you Jim oxoxoxo