Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Good Morning!
I need to vent! As most of you know I am one of 2 Co-Directors at my daughter's preschool. The job isn't hard, at times it can be stressful. The part that really sucks lately is the gossip or chit chat. Everyone has something to say, especially previous/current board members. Ideas are welcome, that is why there is a board. But these people had their opportunity to become a Co-Director and they didn't take it. I did. It's beginning to get to me, I am thinking that maybe emotionally this isn't a good week for me, LOL. I miss just going into the school and talking with the other mom's. I have had other jobs where I was in charge, but this is ridiculous. I just want to say stop talking about people. I hear a lot about the other Co-Director and I wonder do people say stuff about me too. I used to get frustrated about the other CD but now I feel bad because it isn't fair. She is and I am doing the best we can do. It's just so frustrating and so small town!! UGH!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I am truley living in the country.....

I see snow!!

The part of Connecticut where I moved is often referred to as the "Litchfield Hills". It gets colder here and when it snows it SNOWS!!

Well today it has been one of those days rainy, wet and windy. I was just at my sink washing some dishes and what do I see? No more rain. I see snow!!

Emily is very excited, but wants to know where the big piles are,LOL.

I always love the first snowfall, of course this one won't amount to anything. But it is really pretty!!

Happy Birthday Honey!!

I love you, with all my heart!!


Blog list

Sometimes blogging brings me back to high school. Reading the comments other bloggers leave on my blog makes me feel "oh, they like me. They keep coming back". What makes me feel even better is when I see my blog in their blog list. I feel like "yay, they like me that much!!". But what if someone removes your blog from their list? Did they remodel and just forget you. Are you not bloggy friends anymore? It's crazy how a list on someones blog somehow makes you feel important. Since my move I haven't been blogging or commenting as much as I did before. I feel like I am losing my blogging friends. I go to my reader and see whats going on with you but sometimes don't have a minute to comment, for that I am sorry. I am really trying to get back in the swing of things, I miss it.

Monday, October 27, 2008


Yesterday we had a small family Halloween party. We've been doing this the past few years so that my daughter and niece can dress up together. Here are a few pics from yesterday. Notice that my niece and her dog have matching cute!! Chele we missed you!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A treat for me....

I decided not to buy the wristlet, but I did treat myself. They were having a great sale on Vera's site and I bought this bag. Normally costs $56 and I got it for $25, a bargain in my eyes. I have been wanting this bag too so yay for me!!! Mr Mailman bring me my new bag!!!! Pwetty Pwease.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Have to share

I am browsing the ToysRus website and see this...I bought this for Emily's birthday last year. It is an awesome toy. It now only costs $10, I paid $30. She loves it and plays with it a lot. It is great if your kids like the computer, she can go to the safe sites and play without shutting my computer off or getting into files. Check it out!!


I just want to say thanks to everyone who shared their opinions, experiences or knowledge with me regarding booster seats. Everyone I know has a seat belt only booster and I was thinking to myself, am I over thinking this?? I didn't want to shell out $280 for a booster if I didn't need to. But I also didn't want to buy one for $50 just because of the price. Robyn and Tabitha thank you for the stories you shared-you made my decision an easy one. I did some research and read on the Britax website that Emily still has some time before she grows out of her Britax Marathon seat. She can use it up to 65 lbs and seated shoulder height 16 inches. She isn't quite 39 lbs and seated shoulder height is only 13 1/2 inches. I have decided to save and get the Frontier by Britax, it is pricey but personally I will feel that she is safest in that seat. It will be her last seat and she can use it harnessed to 80 lbs and up to 53" tall or 18.25 in seated should height and after that she can use it with a seat belt up to 100 lbs and up to 60" tall or 21.5 inches seated shoulder height. But most importantly she will be anchored to the car. We have time to save for it & IF we ever have another child they can use it. Thank you Moms and non Moms!!!!!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Calling all Mom's

I have a dilemma...
When I was looking for a car seat for Emily I read all the articles, all the websites, talked to all my Mommy friends. I chose the Britax marathon. It was more expensive than the others but I decided this was best for my baby. My MIL paid half, so it wasn't too bad for us.
Now Emily is outgrowing her car seat and just about ready for her booster seat. Everyone I know has the Graco Turbo booster or something like that. It uses just the car's seat belt. But I wonder if I need or should get the high back booster that has the 5 pt harness and then when she is a bit older it can also use the car's seat belt. I can't seem to find anything specifically discussing the pros and cons to this issue. Britax also makes various booster seats but they are $270+ that's alot of money. Can anyone help? What did you get? Know of any sites with good info? Help!!

5pt harness booster OR car seat belt booster????

Saturday, October 18, 2008

I want!!

I love all things Vera! My husband would say I have too many things Vera! But this is my newest need, want, desire. Isn't she cute? It has a place for you cell phone and inside it has a compartment for credit cards and money. Now which color do I want??? Oh and they are having a nice sale on the Vera Bradley website if you too love Vera.... I want to do some shopping..........should I?????????????????

Friday, October 17, 2008

Once again...

I will be joining weight watchers!! I need to do it. I have lost about 5lbs since moving here, but nothing else. So now that it isn't hot anymore I plan on taking advantage of the foliage and walking. My hubby is also gonna watch his pts, don't tell him I told you...oops!! Wish me luck, I am hoping to lose a nice amount as a gift to myself for Christmas! My first goal will be to lose 30-ish, I want to try and have another baby. I am not getting any younger and I am already considered old in the baby making range. But if I never tried, I think I would regret it. Having Em was not easy, being pregnant was a breeze but getting pregnant isn't so easy for me. I am going to weigh in tomorrow morning (doing it online-cheaper) so I may be crabby this time next week!!

Oh and here are a few pics that have been in my camera forever!!

Here are my deer friends who come in my yard a couple times a day.

Some Mums from Emily's school fundraiser.

Emily's first day of school.

Emily finally having a place to ride her bike outside ,in her own yard!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Pics from Maine

Emily outside a restaurant

Emily posing outside of LLBean

At the beach at sunset. It was so beautiful. The sky was amazing.

I love this shot with the moon and the pink.purple sky.

Here she is running and jumping in the surf.

Running away from the waves.
another cute pose at the beach.

Just strolling along the shore.

I just came back from Maine. I went with my Mom and Emily for Columbus weekend. Did some Christmas shopping and me shopping, mostly Emmy shopping. It was nice to get Away, but I missed my hubby and my home. It felt so good to come home to my home. It's nice that this place it starting to really feel like home to me.

While on vacation, I started Twilight, I didn't get too far into it yet (I couldn't sit for too long and read quite yet) but I like it, and I think I am starting to get into the good stuff. I bought the first 2 books, I had lunch with Heather and she recommended getting at least the two because they were quick reads. I can't wait to really get into it, I plan on reading later today after I unpack and do some laundry.

Emily got sick while we were in Maine, she threw up on Saturday night. So weird. She was fine the next day.

We went to the beach at Sunset and it was awesome, the sky was purple and pink and it reflected on the water. I got some great shot of Emily playing in the waves. She had her rain boots on but they soon became full of water. She said to me "Mommy my socks will get wet" I was like "Sweetie it is too late for that I can hear your piggies squish squashing already!"

What did you do for the long weekend????

Thursday, October 2, 2008


I am having a salad for lunch right now. I don't usually enjoy them at home, something about having someone else make them for you or something! LOL But I splurged and bought some good fixins. Since I have moved I try to walk as much as I can. I thought I would also start eating better. Thankfully there isn't a single fast food joint in town!! I have lost about 5lbs just from living here so walking and eating right should help me lose more. I need to buy some fall clothes, but I hate to spend the money on clothes that fit me know. I want to buy smaller clothes. I do have one pair of khaki pants that I wore before I became pregnant- they are my goal pants. I actually found them at a Marshalls for $5 and when I got them I was mortified to buy them because they were bigger and I was feeling huge!! But now I would die to wear them.

Oh and I bought this...

The price wasn't that bad, and it was supposed to finish 2-4 salads. Yeah right. Cheese maybe for 2-3 salads. Croutons 2-3 salads. But chicken- definitely 1-2 (and that is pushing it) salads. But it tastes good.

I've been excused......

from jury duty!!! I am good for another three years!! Wooooppppeeee!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Jury duty

I can't believe it?!?!

I know many people who have never been called to jury duty. Some are young and some are old.
I have been summoned at least six times if not more. My husband has also been summoned several times. Why?? I thought this was supposed to be random? Is it because we lived in an area where there were many cases? Just our luck of the draw?? I wish I had that luck in other drawings. I hopefully will be dismissed due to my move to the country. We have our own small court house here in town, so I am hoping I am out of the other district. My first experience with jury duty was in Hartford and for a murder trial. Thankfully after being questioned I was not asked to sit on the jury.

You can be called multiple times, but if you have "served" within the last three years you can be dismissed. If you are summoned and don't have to show up for jury duty you have fulfilled your obligation for the three yrs. I have received several summons....Had to go to Hartford once, went through voi dire and everything, just wasn't picked. I received a summons when we moved in together and got dismissed because I moved out of the district I was summoned to. Was summoned within my three yr time frame 2x (nice) and When I was pregnant I was summoned so I got out of that because I was a new Mom. I think I was summoned another time or two and just didn't have to go. But seriously- WTH- why do I get picked all the time???????