Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Feeling a bit in limbo. Trying to sell this condo is so unsettling. There are some changes my husband and I want to make, but being in real estate limbo makes it hard. With these crazy gas prices he wants to look for a job closer to home. Making that change now would be hard not knowing how life will be in the 'country'. I need to find a great Mommy job to help my hubby with the finances. If I find one here I'll have to quit when we move, but if I find one in the 'country' that will be too far for a part time job. Then there is the whole keeping the house the way buyer's want to see it and not the way I want it. We have put so many of Emily's toys away and she wants to play with them. She got the cutest desk for Christmas, but I put it away for the move. Now that she is practicing writing her letters she could really use it and I don't wanna create more clutter-what to do. I don't want the desk to stay in storage never let her use it or get too big for it. I just don't know what to do about that. Then there is me, feeling trapped inside, again due to these damned gas prices. I don't know how people live in apt buildings and never have a yard. Where I grew up there were nice places to walk, here I am cautious there are some weirdos in this 'city'. I need a yard. Not knowing if we will be here 2 months or 8months more is so stressfull!


Bluevelvet24 said...

If you get a chance, email your husband's resume to me and I'll forward it to my sister.

Tabitha said...

I hope that everything comes together for you very soon.
love and hugs ~ Tabitha XX

Robyn said...

I has to be tough. I'd like to try and sell our house, but know it isn't worth the stress right now.
Is there something you could swap out the desk with in her room or something?
I hope you get an offer soon!

April said...

Oh yuck, I feel your pain. I've done the whole apartment/no yard thing and it DOES suck. I hope you sell that condo soon! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!!