Thursday, April 30, 2009

Song help...

I am looking for songs- kinda "life songs" for example Michael Buble "this crazy life" kinda making a compilation....any suggestions or need for the work life in it- just good songs like "stand by me" etc.... Help I am drawing a blank!

Poison Ivy

I haven't had in years...since I was a kid. Well people living in the country has its perks, but it also has its downside....Poison Ivy. I have it and it looks gross. I didn't even touch what I thought was Poison Ivy, but while weeding I must have pulled some PI roots. That day I didn't wear gloves because I thought I would just pull a few and then go in. UGH. I'm not sure I want to be a gardener, between the spiders and the poison me!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Plumber.....

so for the past 2 days John the plumber has been here working on a problem. Well John has this young man with him-lets call him the "apprentice". The way my house is built (tri-level) they are directly below me and I can hear every word they say....John in singing. When the 'apprentice' walked in he made a b-line to the window where my kitty Willow was sitting, she jumped off to great him....He says to me " She looks like a torty" I was like "ok" then he says " you wanna know how I know" again I was like "um ok" he goes on to tell me that " they are known for some marking on her nose". He is so weird. Yesterday he kept coming upstairs and petting my other kitty Bubba...and looks at the computer and says "XP?" I was like seriously dude, go back downstairs. I'm afraid that posting this story or telling my hubby just doesn't do him justice, I wish I could hide a video camera. LOL

But I will tell you this, I am dying to take a shower. He cut off our water last night and then said we could turn it on, but we didn't have hot water this morning. UGH

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Rain really can bring you down....

I can't believe its almost May. I am supposed to be working on losing weight so I can try for another baby. I wanted 2009 to be that year, it had to be that year....I am too close to 40. But I've now wasted 4 months. Time flies. I need something to keep me focused...any ideas. Like something always in my face saying think baby/diet!! I have found the perfect 'bad' photo for inspiration, I just need to find that 'good' photo for inspiration. I also need to make an appointment at my obgyn....dreading that.

I think I need to go day by so far I am doing well with points and I plan on hitting the treadmill in a bit.

Friday, April 17, 2009


I have a fear, a REAL fear of spiders. Most people (my family) laugh at me and usually say "its just a bug". Well when I am near them or see them, I get sweaty, my heart pounds faster and I get very shaky. I am afraid of those suckers. I sooooo try not to be, I say oh its just another bug...but never fails when I see one I freak out.

Now, living where I do, there are spiders everywhere. I've learned to pick my battles. Little house spiders don't freak me out (I don't like them-but). Its when they look like tarantulas...I know ha ha ha...but I don't mean huge like tarantulas...I mean big bodies and those fang thingees. Does that make sense..... I can tolerate the small bodies and long skinny legs.

Well anyway...I made my way outside for some fresh air, hoping not to cough all over the place. As Emily and I were pulling up "weebs" we must have seen 20+spiders. Not huge, but not small. Like dime sized bodies. They were running all over the place. Of course because they had those thick bodies.....eeeewwww. Not sure I can do this garden thing.

Hey gardeners....The bed I am working in has been neglected for years, is that why there are so many spiders. Now that we've been ripping up their hiding spots. I know, I know spiders eat other bugs I get that. A few spiders here and there I can deal with ....sorta....but 20+ spiders running a muck....NOT COOL.

Come on, tell me what I wanna hear...........please????

Thursday, April 16, 2009

No Voice.......


Everytime I get a cold or something like a voice takes off. This is officially the first day without a voice, it was kinda horse yesterday. I wonder how long it will last this time. Last year this time I lost it for almost 3 weeks!!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


They're supposed to be fun right?? Well lets go back a few days.......

Last Thursday after Em got her ears pierced and was screaming bloody murder. I was trying to calm her down and comfort her. I noticed an eyelash on her cheek. I said to her "ooh lets make a wish" she looked at me funny. I explained that if she made a wish and then blew the eyelash off my finger it would come true. She closed her eyes and wished hard. I reminded her she had to keep it secret or it wouldn't come true. The tears stopped and she was calm once again.

Fast fwd to last night.

Jim comes running downstairs with Em in his arms. She is crying and he is saying something about telling me because I was the only one who could fix it. She sits on my lap tears rolling down her face. She says to me:

Em- "after I got my ears pierced, my eyebrow fell off and I made a wish.....I'm scared.
Me- " Em, calm down, what?"
Em- " remember after I got my ears pierced, my eyebrow (eyelash) fell off and I made a wish. I don't want my wish to come true. I am scared. CRYING so hard.
Me- " Em, what did you wish?"
Em- " to go to the moon" CRYING HYSTERICALLY NOW!!

Trying not to laugh, its so cute-one of her tears fell on my hand and I made up a new rule. If your crying and a tear falls on someone else you can trade a previously made wish. Phewww! I saved the day.

Can you imagine, her lying in bed crying because she was afraid her wish would come true. LOL

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I just came home from the grocery store....I was starving which usually means lots of unnecessary snacks or foods. I did well. I bought tons of salad fixins and veggies. I've been struggling to get on track with this diet and just have been going slowly. A few yrs back I just had a revelation and started eating better, joined WW with my cousin and lost 18lbs in 2months. I can do it again. So this morning I just felt like well I need to do this. I think I got the mojo again. I have been doing a ton of yard work and it would be so much easier thinner-DUH!! And what a work out it is... Well I am off to weed weed weed!!! I would love to get my flowers in the garden this week.

Monday, April 13, 2009


that is where I was born and raised. I love living here. Its a small a state but filled with just about everything....cities, farms, suburbs, museums, colleges/universities, zoo, aquarium.

I just found this on a website and thought it was interesting about CT...

1639 -- first constitution adopted, establishing representative government
1656 -- first municipal public library in America, a bequest to the "towne of New Haven"
1670 -- first survey for the first turnpike in America, between Norwich and New London
1729 -- first medical diploma, granted by Yale University
1764 -- first newspaper, The Hartford Courant, published since October 29, 1764
1775 -- first submarine
1783 -- first dictionary, published by Noah Webster, born in West Hartford
1784 -- first law school in America, Litchfield Law School (Graduates included John C. Calhoun, Aaron Burr, Horace Mann, Oliver Wolcott, Jr. and Noah Webster)
1788 -- first State House in America, built after the Federal Constitution ratification
1794 -- first cotton gin, Eli Whitney of New Haven patented this invention
1803 -- first town library, tax-supported and organized in Salisbury
1806 -- first factory town in America, planned and established in Seymour
1808 -- first movable parts mass production in use, making clocks
1810 -- first insurance company, ITT Hartford Group, Inc. (Officially opened for business and people were able to take insurance for the "loss of life or personal injury while journeying by railway or steamboat"
1819 -- first industrial training school, established by Josiah Holbrook in Derby
1836 -- first revolver
1842 -- first public art museum
1843 -- first portable typewriter 1844 -- first use of anesthesia
1846 -- first sewing machine, Elias Howe procured a patent for the first practical sewing machine in 1846
1853 -- first ice-making machine
1858 -- first can opener
1861 -- first Ph.D. Degree, Yale University awarded in Philosophy
1868 -- first tape measure
1877 -- first pay phone
1877 -- first telephone exchange, established in Bridgeport
1892 -- first collapsible toothpaste tube
1895 -- first hamburger, served at Louie's Lunch in New Haven
1900 -- first submarine
1907 -- first permanent public planning body in America,Hartford's Commission on the City Plan
1908 -- first lollipop
1920 -- first Frisbee, Yale students discovered empty pie plates from Mrs. Frisbie Pies in Bridgeport could be sailed across the New Haven Green
1933 -- first vacuum cleaner
1934 -- first Polaroid camera
1939 -- first FM radio station, WDRC-FM began broadcasting in Hartford
1939 -- first helicopter, Igor Sikorsky designed the first successful helicopter in the Western Hemisphere
1948 -- first color television
1949 -- first ultra high frequency UHF television station to operate on a daily basis, KC2XAK in Bridgeport
1954 -- first nuclear submarine, launched in New London
1982 -- first artificial heart, Dr. Robert K. Jarvik, a Stamford native,invented the world's first artificial heart

Its kinda cool. I worked for The Hartford, I drive by the first law school almost everyday. The frisbee-who knew that? What do you like about where you live?

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Wish I was Here!

Hoppy Easter

Hoppy Easter Every-bunny! I hope you have Egg-cellent day!!!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

One week.......

Ok so today marks one week since starting WW AGAIN. I lost but hardly anything -.8. I guess at least I lost. I had a rough week, lets just say jelly beans are not my friends. Next week I will have a bigger lost, I just know it!!!

Emily is loving her earrings, but what a PITA it is to clean them etc. She won't let me near them. Last night I was so upset with her I cried. I guess Jim was able to get to them today...hopefully the crying and screaming is done.

Oh and we did a TON of work in the garden today. Jim headed out this morning to work out there with his Dad. Emily and I got dressed and headed out too. With all 10 of our hands ("B" was there too) we got it all cleared (5+years of weeds and neglect). I'll take pics later to show you the before and after.

Its raining now and I am cooking away!!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Big Day!!

Emily got her ears pierced this morning. She had been asking about it for some time now. I wasn't sure when was the right time. I knew it would happen some day. After talking to another Mom at dance class I found out that her pediatrician did it, so I called and made an appointment. They were so nice. She cried of course, but she is thrilled!!!
I tried to get a cute picture of her face, but she wasn't having it. So here is her pretty pink earring! By the way, you never notice how different your kids ears are until you look at them...not the same shape and even a bit lopsided- oh but they are cute ears.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

alright its day 5 and so far so good. I haven't been great at counting/tracking my pts...but I have been very aware of what I eat etc... I stepped on the scale today (which I try not to do) and it went down some. I did use our treadmill some this week which is positive. My basement creeps me out, ever since the mouse incident. Baby steps right.

Ok and as far as this weather....enough with the snow. Today it has been snowing since 12:30pm or so, no accumulation but snowing none the less.

Hello....Spring......Are you out there?????? We're waiting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Somewhere Spring is laughing its arse off!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Country Drive

Emily had a birthday party this morning at a friend's house. After that I didn't feel like going home so we headed out for a drive. We ended up near Cornwall, CT. It has a very old covered bridge, Emily thought it was very cool. As we were driving we saw snow flakes-omg- where is spring? I thought the flakes were because we were in the mountains, but when I got home to the hills it was snowing there too.

Here are a few photos of the Covered Bridge in West Cornwall CT..........

On the diet front, I am doing ok. Watching my pts but not always logging them. My hubby has been doing great, going on the treadmill everyday.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Day One

So this morning was the official weigh in....there were almost tears. I've gained 6lbs since my last weigh in : ( Of course I haven't really tried anything. A walk here and there. Oh and I am sure the Easter candy and oreos that have been in my house haven't helped.

The counting has begun...and I need to keep focused.

On another note, I feel like a bad Mom. Our town has updated their park and are having a grand re-opening and Easter egg hunt today, actually right now. With all the rain and wet I decided to sit it out. Emily doesn't know about it...But I feel like I should have taken her. We've already been to the park-its great, so much nicer than before (keri/heather wanna come up some nice day?) I have to admit part of me not going is I hate standing there alone while Em plays. I know people in town so I think I would have seen someone I know....but there would be so many I crazy. This weight just makes me feel so unworthy, like people won't like me because I am overweight. I already have an issue with feeling like people don't want to listen to me or hear what I have to say....sometimes I swear I say things and I feel like people don't even hear me....I've asked my husband if I speak quietly sometimes or do I say somethings in my head but feel like I spoke aloud. This summer I will have to make plans with people and make more in town friends. I think I may just get that beach pass....Em would love it.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Rain, Rain Go Away!!

It seems like spring is teasing us. One day beautiful, the next gloomy or freezing. Yesterday was gorgeous and I went and bought flowers and garden supplies, hoping today I could get dirty. Well, that's not going to happen!!

Thank you to all who left messages yesterday, you all had some great ideas. I am going to use them all. One way to stay on track is blogging...everyday I am going to blog about it. I think some of my problem is I forget, I get comfortable and forget. If I blog everyday I am forced to remember. I am also going to start my WW weigh in tomorrow. I don't go to meetings but I will post my losses or gains so that I have to share it with someone, maybe that will motivate me to lose. I am counting today as well- why wait for tomorrow.


Thursday, April 2, 2009

Can it be any nicer today?
I have been cleaning all day and kinda mopey.....
Should have been outside!

Motivation anyone???

I am looking for motivation. I have none. I need to lose weight, do yard work, do house work. I just can't seem to get going. The biggest issue is the weight. I have a wedding to go to at the end of May. Its a friend/ex co-worker of Jim's. I went to high school with her sister...her sister's bff is a girl I wasn't fond of, I know its been YEARS and we've grown up, but I still don't wanna go because of my weight. I know she will be there. I've had time to lose weight but I've done nothing. I have 2 months to lose something. Then there is the dress, I have nothing. I refuse to buy something in this size. UGH. I need to count my points I need to walk everyday. Some friends in town have been walking while the kids are in school. I joined them the other day, they walk far like 3 1/2miles. Even though I am way over weight I can keep up with them. The hills are what kill me, huffin and puffin. I know the weight plays are part in this, but ever since I had pneumonia in 2001 my lungs aren't what they used to be. I'd rather huff and puff alone. lol. Oh and another need to lose weight. We have a beach in town (lake) and most of my friends get a season pass, which I would like to as well. But do I really wanna go to the beach. I wouldn't wear my bathing suit, but even shorts eeww. I dunno. Besides all of these silly reasons, 2009 is my have another baby year. I refuse to start trying until I can lose 30-40lbs...I've lost 10 of it so far. Who knows if I will be able to have one on my own or will I need to go the fertility treatment route again???

Any tips for motivation? Maybe a unflattering picture of me? I'm just not a morning person so I get up and it takes me time to get going.