Sunday, June 29, 2008

I had an early Morning today. I met up with Chele to go meet some kitties. There were so many and so cute! It was hard to walk away empty handed. Michele found a baby and she brought him home. He seemed very happy with his new Mommy, and I heard they've been bonding and playing all afternoon. They even took a little siesta together-awww how sweet.

Meet Michele's new Baby....

Isn't he sweet. I had fun being with all the babies, so sweet. I made a friend too, I wanted to bring him home. But I wasn't sure if my Hubby or my two cats would like a new kitten. Plus he looks kinda like my Barkley who passed away 12/06. But he was just so sweet and he liked me.

This was my little friend, isn't he cute?


Tabitha said...

Awwww ~ they are just so cute!!
Makes me want a kitten!!! XXXX

April said...

Big D wants one of those kitties so bad! LOL