Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Rain, Rain.... GO AWAY!!

We had another showing last night. We headed to Ethel's (jim grandmother) for dinner. When we arrived home, I did my usual tour of the house and check and make sure everything is the same as it was when we left. I opened Emily's bedroom closet and heard "plop" .....I found a leak from the ceiling. OMG!!! we have lived her for 9yrs and never not one leak!!!!!!!!!!! So of course we're wondering did they see the leak, why, why now! We just wanna sell this place and be in the "country" for the summer- Emily would LOVE to have a yard and play. A leak, a freakin leak!!

The good news, Jim called our condo ASSociation and spoke with a really nice man, which is rare if you got my msg with how I wrote association, well anyway they are in the process of getting someone to fix it. I just hope this doesn't discourage them from buying this condo.


Monday, April 28, 2008


Ok maybe I will be dating myself after this post, but I don't care. I went to many concerts in my day, and remember only paying $35-65...Now it's crazy how much tickets can be. I saw Gwen Stefani last yr and paid $80 for the VERY VERY last seat in the row furthest away from the stage- there was a wall behind me. George Michael-who was my all time favorite in Jr high and high school is coming around and not only can I not afford a splurge like that but can't even think of it. I mean when I saw Gwen it was me and my Sis-in-law so I only paid for me, if I went with Hubby that would be double. HECK it cost me $150 for me, Emily and my Mom to see the Wiggles....Everything is getting so expensive, what will tickets cost when she wants to see the latest craze???? "Well Emily, we can buy gas for Daddy to get to work or you can see the band?"

Sunday, April 27, 2008


We are watching video from when Emily was a baby, OMG, it's seems so long ago. I miss it. I sooooo want another baby!! Isn't she beautiful!! She was really just amazing and miracle. I'm hoping for another miracle! So amazing!!!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Potty Issues

Even though my 3 yr old has been potty trained for 9+mos, we still have the occasional issue with #2, I know TMI, right now she won't 'help' herself go, she's been on the potty for 1hr (almost) she thinks it will just happen. I am so frustrated, sounds horrible, there is nothing I can do. I wanna help her, she is crying. I'm gonna have to go back to straight apple juice everyday. I feel so bad for her. HELP!!! :(

Friday, April 25, 2008


Does anyone watch LOST? last night's episode was awesome, I love this show, In the beginning of this season I wasn't happy where things were going but now I am. very interesting. I don't know too many people who watch it-just me and hubby and my sis-in-law.

You guys don't know what you are missing, probably the best show EVER!!!!!!!!!!

Supposed to be cleaning for the 'possibility' of showings over the weekend, I haven't heard anything about tomorrow yet, they have to give us 24hrs notice-they have about 67mins left and Sat will be mine all mine. But seriously I have to clean up, wash down counters, vacuum, wash windows,dust etc but I have lost my cleaning MOJO :(


Happy Friday!

So I felt motivated by Michele to track my pts this morning. I re-joined WW a month ago, but while being sick for 2 1/2 wks I kinda slacked off. WW is easier when your doing it with someone, hopefully it'll work!!
Because I REALLY want another baby. I haven't said that to anyone except for Jim. Before I will even try, I want to lose 'about' 40lbs. I am getting older and if I wait any longer I may not be able to do it. My friend who is also my age (+35) is pregnant right now and had a amnio to check for downes syndrome- How did I get that old? Getting pregnant isn't easy for me, I have PCOS and don't ovulate on my own (sorry is that TMI). BUT since having my daughter some things (without getting too personal) have changed and eensy bit, and the books say the second time around for a PCOS'r is sometimes easier....So keep those fingers and piggys crossed that I don't need to seek medical intervention. Wow this posting is certainly not going where I was planning, I guess you don't realize what is really on your mind until those fingers start typing.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Networking, Mommy job...

so being a SAHM is awesome, I couldn't imagine leaving my daughter anywhere. But I need to find a way to help bring some money home. I am so torn, I want to be with my family, but want/need to make some money. Does anyone know of a good mommy job? It's so hard because my daughter goes to school T&TH 9-11:30am now and next yr she will be going M,W,F 9-1pm. Plus I am going to be one of the Co-directors at her school, that will be a PT job by itself and I will have to attend a board meeting once a month (usually at night).

How do I find a job that fits MY schedule?
I think I am pretty creative, can I start my own mini-biz?
My friend sells Lia Sophia-do I go that route?
I've worked retail, do I dare go there?
I went to school for Medical assisting, should I send my resume out and hope some DR office or hospital has THE job for me?

UGH, I soooo don't know what to do. My hubby is tired of working so much, I wanna help him, I wanna see him more often. But I hate bouncing from job to job.

I need a Mommy job!!!

Field Trip

Today Emily's class went on a field trip to White Memorial Conservation Center, it was fun ( I chaperoned) What a beautiful day to go there. The kids were so good and had so much fun. Emily always likes when one of her friends drives in our car, today that friend was Claire. Plus Mommy always has fun chatting it up with the other Moms. We didn't leave on the field trip till 9:45am, so I was able to go for coffee with two of the other Moms. This Nature center has some summer programs and I am going sign Emily up for one of them, another Mom mentioned to me that she signed her little boy up (mind you this was the little boy Em was kissing at school) so she'll be excited about that when it gets closer.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Beautiful day

So we headed to my grandfathers for a visit today. Em played in the Garden and is FILTHY. But she had fun. Our cousin who lives next door was home on April vacation so she came to play with Em, they love to play with each other.

One of my family members was also there- we won't mention their name, even though they don't have access to the computer, Michele you'll know who I mean. Well, anyway, they are sooo fresh to my 10yr old cousin, every time my cousin wants to do something and I mean anything, this person has to say no, or don't do that, stop that or something not nice. It makes me so mad. I think because I was once that little girl. This person would talk to me like that too. As an adult I know those words impacted my life, sometimes I am quiet around new people, because I feel like what I have to say isn't worthy, because as a kid this family member would always be fresh/mean. Now my daughter who is three, I don't want her around that or to be spoke to that way. I can't tell this person to stop, it's like talking to a wall. So do I just keep my daughter away from them. OH family fun......UGH

Why am I still up?
I had to watch "The Real Housewives of New York" reunion. Did you watch it at all? It was a great reunion show, you know how reunion shows usually go, the host asks the questions we all want answers too and the cast member makes up some bull and acts like we're crazy for thinking what we thought and the rest of the cast plays nice. Well not this one, those wackos Alex and Simon- got called out and all the cast members agreed and said they were phony. It was awesome! I know I need a life, but when Em and Jim go to bed it's my alone time with my friend TIVO..... :)

Night Night

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Back to school

After a 2 wk hiatus, Emily is back to school. It was a crazy morning, it was hard to get up and get going after relaxing for the past 2wks. When I got to school one of the Co-directors was waiting for me, she let me know that they are going to nominate me for one of the new Co-director positions for the 2008-09 school yr. This is kind of exciting, but VERY nerve wracking too. Big, Huge, responsibility......whooooooa doggy. Then I played catch up with the other Mothers. It felt like I had been gone longer than 2wks. But Em was soooo excited to see her friends and Teachers again!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Did you ever feel like you just have plain old bad luck??
We had 2 more people come to see the condo, one of which was deciding on ours or another....
She chose the other :( we're pretty disappointed. It's still early but .....
Well hopefully it will sell soon, my poor kitties are tired of being dragged out of the house.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

"Country" here we come!!

the idea of moving is such a exciting idea, and at the same time such a sad one. This place was my first home with Jim away from my Mom. We've been here almost 9yrs and now that it is cleared of clutter and perfectly clean- it's so nice. I don't wanna move. But the idea of living in the "country" having a yard, entertaining and having space to do that. So many good things.......but leaving here will be sad. .....And what will I do when I decide I am bored and can't run down the road to Target, it'll be 30mins away instead of 3mins :( I will definitely miss the convenience of the "city" .... Oh but I long to hear crickets and breezes. No more fast cars rushing down my road, no more fire trucks flying up my hill 5+ times a week (still not sure where they go, my road is a dead end) This place has been good to us, Hopefully I can make our new place truly OURS.......

"country" here we come!!!!

i should go clean now

Why am I blogging or should I say babbling, when I should be cleaning up for tomorrow's showing?????

I sent my link to my cousin who is the one who got me interested in blogging. I feel so weird. So such the blog virgin. I've been reading her blog over the past few months and wanted to play. She's been telling me how much fun it is and how she has lots of friends to chat with. I'd like that. I am a stay at home mom ,see how new I am, don't know the lingo- I think I have seen SAHM on one of her friends blogs, anyway ..... I love being home with my daughter, not that I have some ever some crazy need to have a career, but I am beginning to feel......... not me. I have a syndrome that not only had made it hard to have my dear daughter, but made me gain a lot of weight and then even more after I had her. I look in the mirror and don't know the person looking back at me. When I am out I feel like no one respects me or cares what I have to say. I am looking forward to moving to the country and having a yard and a neighborhood to walk in and maybe just maybe I can begin to find that girl I know.

just babbling....getting used to this new thing called a blog....hmmmmm is it for me?????

For the past 2 weeks I have been so sick, and for the past 7days I have been voiceless. My daughter had been acting up and told my husband the other day "everyone is noring me". I felt so bad. What's left of my voice, or should I say whisper, doesn't seem to hold any authority with her. She doesn't want to listen, it makes even the smallest things hard. I can't wait for my voice! I can really talk with the best of them and I bet even my husband is wishing for those days where I bombard him with stories and questions when he walks through the door. :)

Oh and did I miss spring while I was cooped up in this box?

Oh and news on the condo, we had a busy week while I was sick, we had about 7 people come and go. No one today-thank goodness. But tomorrow at 2pm we have a woman coming who is interested. She is actually deciding between our condo and another. So keep your fingers crossed, this would be so great. I know our place has been on the market for such a short time, but it is such a pain getting the house ready for a showing-plus having to tote the two cats and a 3yr old. Soooo not fun.