Friday, July 11, 2008

Do you want the good news or bad news??

GOOD NEWS-Our potential buyer has excellent credit, and her mortgage broker is our realtor's uncle.

BAD NEWS- She went down $5k from her verbal offer AND wants my washer & dryer (not part of the original listing)oh and wants to close in 45days.

Yeah OK, No problem. We'll give you our home for free!! Oh and I'll even buy a new washer & dryer! No Problem!!

I am so annoyed!

Oh and this morning right before 9am hubby called to say she wanted to see the condo again before actually making an offer...IN AN HOUR!! Mind you, Emily was sleeping in and so was I.

Did I say I was annoyed?

She even asked me "what kind of people live next door, black ,white, spanish?" What kind of Moron asks that?

Oh and after her realtor left, they were sitting in their car 'talking' (she broght a friend today) and my neighbor pulled in and her friend jumps out to talk to my neighbor. Whatever!! Leave my neighbor alone!

Oh and in case you were wondering I am annoyed!!!

I didn't think when I started blogging that all I would talk about was selling this house. Next week no house talk I PROMISE!!!!

Check out my punkymood......


Keri said...

grrrrr... you can never pick the people that buy or sell your home... our seller was drunker than a skunk at our closing.
on a side note... i just got a front load washer and am IN LOVE LOVE LOVE with it...mmmmmmm ya!

oh and on the hair thing... maybe it's payback for all the 80's hairspray abuse we both did!!

Julie said...

LOL the hairspray-SO TRUE!!!!!!

April said...

GEEZ is that lady for real!?!!?

Robyn said...

I can see why you'd be annoyed.

Heather said...

wow what a fruit loop (yes i try to say nicer mean words so catherine does not continue down the path she was going with her truck drivers mouth). as much as you want to sell that really does not seem worth the sell.

Tabitha said...

Oh dear ~ I am really sorry that things are not going smoothly!!

Keep smiling ~ it will all come right in the end!! XXXXXXXX

Flea said...

Good night Irene! How rude can people be?! I hope you're standing your ground and not letting her push you around? Or quick, find a washer and dryer at the Goodwill and set them in there.

Julie said...

Flea, LOL!!! I never even thought of that....HA HA HA

We are standing our ground, we wanna be settled and move- but we're not desparate. The ball is in her court. Whatever!!!

Mary said...

I'd be annoyed too.
I liked flee's comment :) Ha!

Bluevelvet24 said...

People are so crazy. It never ceases to amaze me how poorly people can behave. Hopefully you will get more offers. Too bad you can't go with another realtor. Just keep thinking of margaritas.