Saturday, July 5, 2008


I just looked down at my 'counter' and saw 25 days. I haven't done a thing for the move. The closing is actually 25 days away, that is a Thursday. We will make our official move on Monday the 28th, so that mean I have 21 days to really get to packing. We are so glad we're moving, but this is the worst month to move. We have my husband's god-son's birthday on the 20th, a wedding on the 26th and this 4th of July weekend-just dragging.


Bluevelvet24 said...

I asked my man to get you some boxes today. If he remembers them, I could bring them to you tomorrow.

Robyn said...

That's the worst part about moving packing up.

April said...

OMG moving is SO stressful...I don't envy you there! however, I DO envy you moving to the 'country'!!! LOL