Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I know I promised, but it'll be quick.......

How unprofessional and rude is it, that another so called professional realtor doesn't acknowledge whether her client has accepted or denied our counter offer. Personally I don't care, she is an idiot. But they expected us to bend over backwards and be ready to show our house whenever they felt like it. But they can't even say no we decline.



Robyn said...

That sucks. Don't they have to give you an answer by a deadline?
I see punkymoods is working.

Julie said...

I know it sucks. In the contract we have to answer them within certain time, I'm not sure if it says anything like that in the counter.

Our realtor is my hubby's best friend, not my first choice. He does this part time and he is fairly new at it. That is a WHOLE other story......LOL