Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Just when you thought you've been waiting...

You have to wait some more. I hate waiting, I hate the way it makes me feel. This whole offers and real estate talk is driving me nuts. I can't wait for it to be over. While I was waiting and waiting, I get a call from my hubby. He called from work to tell me he isn't feeling well and his breathing is weird. I tell him to call his doc, I guess he also felt this way Sat & Sun night. We hang up and he calls me back within a few mins. His doc can't get him in the office for a few weeks but suggests he goes to the ER for a chest xray. Now I am freaking out. Now he is freaking out, but because we have a $150 ER copay and we soooo didn't budget that one. So we figure we have to do this so what the heck. He comes home, my Mom comes to stay with Em. We went to the ER 5mins down the road, one good thing about living in the 'city'. We were WAITING in the ER from 4:55pm till 9:12pm. The drs probably spent a total of 20mins with us and only did a chest xray & EKG. We weren't even shown to a room within the first 2 1/2 hrs we were WAITING. It was just crazy, the dr said they had 30 patients and 2 drs. I guess Mondays are the busiest in the ER, drs offices are closed over the weekend, so Monday morning the office is busy so the drs send all their patients to the ER. Nice!! Well anyway, after a very long WAIT and after we both thought he was having a heart attack, both tests came back fine. He has to follow up with his regular doc and a specialist he sees-seems it may be related to something else. I had no idea, but we'll see. But the good news is my hubby is fine. It was very scary, because for a minute all I could think about was- what if I lost him- I would not know what to do without him.

Now don't WAIT go and give your significant other a hug and a kiss. Tell them what they mean to you.

I Love you Jim oxoxoxo


Chele76 said...

how scary. Glad to hear that everything is ok.

Tabitha said...

Goodness ~ I bet that was scarey!!
So pleased that it all came out ok and your hubby is alright!!!
I also hope that all your waiting is over soon ~ I know the feeling, I hate waiting too!! XXXX

April said...

Oh gosh, I would have been freaking out! So glad it is not anything serious. I'm going to go squeeze Big D as soon as I get home from work!