Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Rain, Rain.... GO AWAY!!

We had another showing last night. We headed to Ethel's (jim grandmother) for dinner. When we arrived home, I did my usual tour of the house and check and make sure everything is the same as it was when we left. I opened Emily's bedroom closet and heard "plop" .....I found a leak from the ceiling. OMG!!! we have lived her for 9yrs and never not one leak!!!!!!!!!!! So of course we're wondering did they see the leak, why, why now! We just wanna sell this place and be in the "country" for the summer- Emily would LOVE to have a yard and play. A leak, a freakin leak!!

The good news, Jim called our condo ASSociation and spoke with a really nice man, which is rare if you got my msg with how I wrote association, well anyway they are in the process of getting someone to fix it. I just hope this doesn't discourage them from buying this condo.



Keri said...

Oh Jules... i FEEL your pain! Chele told me about the leak when i was showing her the massive kitchen ceiling damage i now have from the rains. Kitchen, upstairs bathroom, upstairs hallway...
anyone want a 120+year old house??

April said...

That sucks! How ironic that it chooses NOW, the very moment you don't want/need it, to leak! I hope it doesn't affect you selling your condo. :-)