Friday, May 16, 2008

I want to sell my house, NOW!!!

This is crazy!! So we got up early headed out to the tire place to get Jim's tried fixed. Emily and I had Breakfast while we waited, they were able to fix the tire and it cost just about nothing-yeah!!
By the time it was fixed it was 9am and the people are coming to see it at 10 or 10:30am....Hmmm lets head to Walmart, looked around picked up a few things....but now it's 10:15am.....still need to wander, what to do...... we headed towards our house, did a drive by, no car in driveway. I decided to head towards to Payless and do some more browsing.....Em tried on a ton of shoes, she really liked a black patent leather pair that she called tap shoes and went on to show me in the store how they worked. Nothing good to buy.... Ok now it's like 10:45am....I guess we can head home...I do another drive by and still no car, but I think I'll take another quick drive-just in case they come late.....Alright, now it is 10:51am....tired of putzing around....we head back home. As we walk in the door no sign of anyone, all the lights are still on etc........I see the answering machine blinking....It's Jim telling me that they didn't come in because the last BOZO's that came didn't put MY key back in the lock box and therefore the people this morning could not enter.....UGH!!!!

What morons, it's been almost two weeks since they came to see it and they didn't realize they had a random key in their possession????? Now, where is my key, just floating around in someone pocket or purse. Boneheads! and of course they were the people who saw the leak in Em's room.....

Hopefully the people from today will reschedule, but I wasted time for NOTHING!! I wanna sell my house :(