Sunday, July 27, 2008

Our first concert

Emily and I went to our first concert last night. Not really, we watched the Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus 3-D concert featuring the Jonas Brothers. So as far as she was concerned, this was her first concert. We watched it with our 3-D glasses we got free from Walmart. The concert was short (thankfully) and neat. The 3-D features were very cool. At the end it really looked there was confetti falling in my room. We had a lot of fun. We sang we danced. At one point I was singing and Em said "Mommy, this is MY favorite show, I wanna sing". I guess I wasn't doing such a great job at singing. Later we were dancing, she didn't tell me to stop, I guess I am a great dancer,LOL.

Here are the adorable Jonas brothers, Emily screamed when they came out on stage. It was so cute. I enjoy their songs much more than The Wiggles, Backyardigans or Higglytown heroes etc.

Here's Em sporting her 3-Dglasses and singing along with Hannah, using her HM microphone.


Robyn said...

Another Hannah girl. I actually don't mind her. I think I like her better than Raven.
We don't play too much "kids" music here. PB likes to sit with daddy and listen to itunes. He's got her into funky 70's songs.

Bluevelvet24 said...

A lot of girls seem to love it. That's cool that you were able to watch it with Emmy in 3D.

Lynn said...

How fun! Spencer (7) loves the Jonas Brothers music and I have to admit it's not half bad. I'm with you on liking HM much better than the wiggles and the like. Sounds like a fun night!

Mary said...

I called a few walmarts last week to see if they had these glasses left for my nephews. Luckily they found some! Looks like she had fun :) said...

Gawh!!! She is sooooo damn adorable with her 3-D glasses and her awesome microphone! I can't stand it. And I AM a singer, so I'm totally a sucker for a chick with a microphone. Rock on Girl!

Tabitha said...

I love the photo of your daughter in those glasses ~ she is so cute!!
My Lauren loves Hannah Montana too
love and hugs XXXXX