Saturday, August 2, 2008

"We have issues"

We had our inspection yesterday and I packed up the kitties and headed out for a bit. We had our inspection nine years ago, I don't really remember how long it took. I headed out at 11:33am, the inspection was scheduled for Noon. I headed to our local park and sat in the shade with the AC running for my kitties. I drove by and saw that they didn't get started until after 12:40pm. Anyway 2 1/2 hours later as I watched them from the end of my parking lot (I felt like a stalker) they left.

I headed to my Grandfather's to pickup Emily. While I was chatting with my Mom and Grandfather I got a call from the hubby. He says "We have issues..........." the BR (buyer's realtor) left D (our realtor) a vmail saying the inspection was done but there were some issues. Hubby and I are like What the Heck, can we catch a break. D was waiting for the BR to call back so they could discuss said "issues". I was beginning to stress, thinking we had to fix or replace to C/A or there was mold or something bad.

I was on my way home and wanted to call Jim (my hubby-tired of calling him hubby hehehe) so bad, but I knew he would call me if he had heard back from D. I was almost home when my cell rang it was Jim. He says "it's not bad" I was so relieved, he began to tell me that one of the outlets sparked when they checked it, the fans in the bathrooms didn't work (we knew this-unplugged them, one didn't work and one was really loud), the baking element was doing something funny forgot what he called it (stove went bazurk this week-nice timing I know), AND then the C/A tripped the breaker while they were there-HELLO, my C/A* is a pain in the arse. The BR said they would get back to us when they got the report back, oh and the buyer's mortgage is going really well they are just waiting on the condo docs. Overall no biggy. Little things that can easily be fixed, I hope.

*Our C/A gave us some issues last summer and the summer before that. We had a friend of a friend come who has his own heating and cooling company come out. He was so nice and hooked us up a bit. The first summer he cleaned it out and made sure everything looked good, basic maintenance. Last summer he had to clean the furnace and replace the blower/motor (whatever) and told me Jim bent some major parts of the unit and he "hoped" it would work. (replacing those bent parts would cost $1000+) *** C/A was working too hard and forming ice on parts and my BRILLIANT husband knocked the ice off with a hammer, bending said parts. I didn't marry him for his handiness*** Well thankfully it worked all last summer and so far (knock on virtual wood) it hasn't been giving us any issuesthis summer.............................. until the inspection.


Ok back to the condo docs. So according to the BR he is waiting for the condo docs. MY brilliant realtor D hangs up the phone not having a clue what the BR is talking about (I did mention that our Realtor is one of Jim's best friends and is fairly new to real estate working for 2yrs doing this part time, and I don't think he has listed or sold a condo before) calling his broker and found out that we (or someone on our side) was supposed to order the condo docs and that was going to cost is us about $100-$150. LOVELY, we had no idea and obviously neither did D. I looked it up online and it looks like it is part of our closing costs. Jim will discuss with our attorney (another of Jim's best friends-but VERY smart and VERY reliable...Unlike D, I trust him)

This whole thing is such a pain in my butt. It looks like things are working out, but it wouldn't be our life if it was uneventful. I need to pack but it's about to rain and I wanna snuggle up on the couch and watch a movie on TV or read. OH maybe I will catch up with Days of our lives on TIVO with yummy Dr. Jonas!!

I can't wait to move and be done with this whole thing.


Amanda said...

It's one of the most stressful time to move home. I'll be thinking of you :)

Tabitha said...

I really hope that it will all be sorted out for you soon!!
Selling and moving are so stressful ~ we did it almost 3 years ago and I don't want to move again for a long time XXXXXXX

Robyn said...

I hope it all works out. I'm hoping it is all minor fixes.