Thursday, August 7, 2008


I wanted to say thank you to everyone who has been following my condo saga. I am so glad I started my blog when I did, when I need to vent I head directly to my computer. It's like calling all my girlfriends and chatting it up. All of your supportive comments help me go on.

With this last piece of news, I am worried about my hubby. Jim works m-f at his "real" job and Thurs, Fri & Sat night at his friend's (our realtor) family restaurant. Sundays he works at another friend's restaurant. The owners are like second parents-he's worked there since he was 16. I've even worked there a couple times. So our only time together and his only time to chill is Mon, Tues & Wed nights. With all the stress of trying to make some money, he now has to deal with this. On top of this he is searching for a job closer to the 'country' (his commute will increase 15mins). I wish he had some bloggy friends to help him through it.

I just hope this girl's father has enough decent credit to get her approved. If this sale falls apart, I will have to search for some kind of p/t job and take some of the financial stress away. We were hoping that I would look for something when we moved.

To all my bloggy friends, keep those fingers crossed. For my hubby's sake- we need this to be over!!!


Tabitha said...

Oh Julie ~ I really do feel for you ~ and I have my fingers crossed that it all goes through ok!!
Take care ~ sending you all lots of love and hugs XXXXXXXX said...

Wow that's a hard working hubby. So is mine and I worry about him too. I wish him luck and peace. And yes, this is what a blog is for! Vent on!

Robyn said...

That's a lot of working. I hope everything works out.

Amanda said...

I will have my fingers crossed for you all. There is nothing more stressful than moving home.

Bekah said...

what a hard worker! my fingers are crossed for you guys as well!