Sunday, August 17, 2008

Call me Mrs. Fix it!!

One of the things we had to do before we leave is install an new garbage disposal. Ours broke awhile back, we bought a new one, but never installed it. Don't ask, I have no idea. I guess we thought it would be hard. Well Jim is home early today and we decided to get it done. It is coming along nicely. It really isn't so hard. If you ever have to do it....Don't remove the sink flange unless YOU HAVE TO!! They give you the option. We decided to do it since we had a new one. WOW, what a pain. It was probably the hardest part. When we move to the 'country' we are soooooo getting one and installing it ourselves-we're pros now.

and believe it or not it works!!!!


Tabitha said...

Well, I am very impressed!!
It all sounds very technical and I have absolutely no idea what a 'sink flange' is!!! ha ha !!
I am glad that yet another thing can be marked off your list!!
You will be all set in no time.
love and hugs XXX

Amanda said...

Way to go!
Another day closer to the big move:)

April said...

Good can I hire you to come fix some stuff at my house that I dont' have time to do myself? LOL

Bekah said...

well done!

Robyn said...

Very Good. I should look into installing one. I'd have to wire it some how though.