Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Inspection & Appraisal

We received more news.

We received the inspection report and there were a few issues as the Realtors say. The buyers want us to fix a few things (new stove element, electrical outlet, fans in bathroom & install the new garbage disposal) by a licensed electrician. WTH....They are all easy fixes and seriously one of them is just plugging it in (not broken, unplugged). So I have to call an electrician and he'll charge us "$$$$" to do nothing. Jim has a electrician friend who works for a large company-but unfortunately isn't licensed. More money to shell out. Our realtor sent them a note hoping we can do the work ourselves.

The appraisal was fine, it appraise $4k higher than the sale price and the appraiser wanted to know why we were selling it under value. I wanted to say, who buys at value, especially since i is a buyer's market-HELLO.

We just found out from our realtor, that the girl who is buying our condo wasn't approved for her mortgage. WTF!! WTF!! sorry I just can't believe this sh&$!! Her credit was good, but she is young and doesn't have enough credit. Now her father is going to co-sign for the mortgage. But it will probably take a week to find out whether he is ok. I just can't believe this. Her mortgage broker said "he looks good, this shouldn't delay closing"....that's what you said about her.

Anyway, more saga on the sale front sorry. You are all probably bored to tears with this!!

Keep your fingers crossed for me!!!


Chele76 said...


Robyn said...

I hope the loan gets approved.

Amanda said...

My fingers and toes are all crossed for you! You don't need this crap :(

April said...

Oh my LAWD, girl, I'm totally stressed out FOR YOU!!! This sucks! I hope it all works out!!

~**Dawn**~ said...

Oh for the love of... Fingers *firmly* crossed for you. Enough is enough!