Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I'm in there somewhere!!!

I feel like I am making more of a mess than getting organized. UGH!!

We had to replace the baking element in our stove, it decided to die 3 days before the inspection. I ordered in online from a discount appliance part store, very reasonable prices. I had used them before to replace the handle on our stove. Anyway, I ordered it Friday and it was scheduled to be delivered on Monday. Monday morning I checked the email with the UPS tracking info, it said it was delivered?? I scratched my head because it wasn't here. I double checked and looked to my neighbors on both sides and saw nothing. I called the place and they said they could send me another and get UPS to reimburse us but they would need to charge us in the mean time. I wasn't happy. I went back outside and talked to a neighbor, we looked together and found nothing. I called my hubby in tears, because I was so darned mad (see Bekah, it doesn't take much for me to cry), he decided to call UPS for me. We ended up ordering another and it was actually delivered today. The box had a huge red sticker on it that read "FRAGILE, handle with care". Well the bonehead threw it up onto my deck....no wonder I never got the one from yesterday, the poor UPS guy couldn't read. I decided to replace it myself, Jim is working and extra shift tonight. I did it, it was a little bit of a pain but I did it. I love doing stuff like that. We have to install a new exhaust fan with light and all repairs will be done!! We also heard the buyers are expecting their mortgage letter tomorrow. Things are looking good. If I could just get this place packed. Don't get me wrong I have done a lot, it just seems never ending. I swear 90% of this is Emily's. I have my first board meeting tomorrow night for Emily's school, such bad timing. I'm just so tired. I don't look forward to unpacking all this crap.


Robyn said...

I hate when delivery people do that. We had mortgage papers send fed-ex and they stuck them in a door on the side of the house we never use. I'm amazed i even checked there.

Flea said...

I had something delivered by UPS lately and they also said it was here. I called, I emailed. They swore it was on my porch. My husband ans I got in the car and drove around the neighborhood. It was one street over on someone else's porch. Grrr!

Tabitha said...

That is the bit that I hate ~ when you have moved and have to un pack it all again!!!
Hope it is all going ok.
love and hugs XXX

Amanda said...

It's so stressful right now, but it will all be well worth it. It's hard to remember that though with all the stress leading up to the big move.
I love the little fairy on your page!

jshay778 said...

Moving is just one of those things that suck. Always no matter what. When we moved I would beg John to pay movers...he said no. Good Luck.

P.S. I like the floating fairy!

Bekah said...

ugh packing. but kudos to you for being a handy(wo)man! I love fixing things like that on my own...i feel so accomplished afterwards!

wonder where your other one went?

Flea said...