Saturday, February 28, 2009

Little Fibber!

Being four is driving me batty. Emily has really had her moments lately. She has starting saying NO and sometimes lies. Yesterday while my Mom was here she wanted a juice box. She went upstairs and grabbed a fresh one. I reminded her that she had two in the fridge that she hadn't finished. She acted confused and told me she didn't see any in the fridge that were open. I told her I knew for a fact they were there and shortly after that she said she didn't need one. Later I went upstairs to do some cleaning while they watched a movie. I went to change the trash bag under the sink and there they were....2 half full juice boxes. Lovely. I went downstairs and said "guess what I found" and she was like " I am sorry Mom, I didn't want you to be mad at me". UGH. I just don't get it. She has always been such a good girl. She still is, but these things make me nervous. Like I need to get her in check now before it escalates. Whoa nelly. I am sure it is just one of those phases all kids go through. Wish me luck. Again I must say- who coined the phrase "terrible twos" Because I certainly believe so far that 3 and 4 were more interesting!


Amanda said...

I hear you!
I just did a post at the beginning of the week about my 9 year old doing a similar thing! There must be a full moon this week :)

Amanda x

Keri said...

Ava already started the tiny fibs... but she's getting wise to mama saying "well let's check if you finished eating/cleaning/anything" ... tends to stave off the outright fibs.

Flea said...

She's definitely at the right age for fibbing. And yeah, you need to work on it now. Or it will get worse. Keeping in mind that she's only four. Keri's advice is good. :)

~**Dawn**~ said...

When I did daycare, I always thought that 0-2 were a piece of cake compared to 3-5. They are at that awkward stage of not being a baby anymore but they are just not yet able to do so many of the things they want to do independently. And OMG the fibbing. And the tattling. And the testing of limits all the live-long day. LOL! They really do keep you on your toes in a whole new way at this age huh?