Saturday, February 21, 2009

Sleepy Saturday

Today was a strange one. I was supposed to have lunch with the ladies, but Emily is sick with a fever. I was going to take advantage and clean while we were home. Did I do that? NO! I went to talk with Jim while he was getting ready to leave for work (12:30). After he left I watched tv for a bit, put Em down for a nap. While watching tv I became so sleepy. Zzzzzz. I slept and woke up groggy. I was having the weirdest dreams, not sure if it was real or not. I watched a movie in bed then took a shower (still feeling groggy) and made us some dinner. A total waste of the day. Maybe I am fighting something off too-since Em likes to cough in my face alot.

Well, I hope everyone else had a better day. Enjoy your weekend. I'm hoping to be more productive tomorrow.


Becky said...

I was like that all last weekend I just slept and then napped all weekend! Of course then I went to Starbucks to get caffeine and all was well :) Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Flea said...

I'll bet you're fighting something. Sleep is good.


Amanda said...

Hope you are both feeling better today :-)
Amanda x
(like your new look)

Tabitha said...

Sorry that you missed your lunch ~ hope that you and Em are both feeling better soon.
Love and hugs Tabitha XXX