Sunday, March 1, 2009

Communication is dying

It bothers me. I see teens doing it, always texting someone. I am guilty, I text too. I actually prefer email myself. But, if I have something important to say I call someone or talk in person.

I was cc'd on a few emails yesterday. It was ridiculous. These two people who I have to deal with often, they can't stand each other. They both annoy me for different reasons. But I feel I am a professional and can put those things aside and try to communicate effectively with them. I learned when it comes to the important issues I must discuss in person. They have not learned this. It drove me batty yesterday. I finally replied "maybe we should all meet up in person to discuss".............the emails stopped. Thank goodness!!!

What is going to happen when talking in person is obsolete. Will the children of today not have those skills. I see the benefits of a cell phone for teens. Emergencies. Keeping track of them. No pay phones anymore they definitely need them, I get it. But come on. In my day, some kids I knew had their own phone line, that was extravagant. But rules were attached. I am sure most kids have rules. But do they all?

The written word can be read in so many different ways. Is it really the best way?


Robyn said...

HA HA I remember begging for my own phone line. My stepson is chomping at the bit to be able to text on his phone. We haven't added the text package on it yet. I said I'd hate for you to actually talk to your friends.

Amanda said...

You have got to wonder what we all did before mobile phones and computers were invented!
My 9 year old wants a phone for his birthday ~ apparently he is the only person in his class without one, or so he told me!

Becky said...

That is so true...all my sister in law does is the dinner table, when we go out, while watching a movie!!! I drives me crazy! Pick up the phone or something else besides texting!
And I must say I LOVE your New Moon ticker! They start filming this month and I am SO excited :)

April said...

I admit, I was a kid who (very briefly) had my own phone line..but it was paid for with my babysitting jobs and paper routes, and I wasn't allowed to make/receive calls after a certain time of night. And really, there was only one person (my best friend) who I talked to on it. LOL
But nowadays it does seem like kids have NO RULES with their cells. I admit, I text a lot but I would hope my children won't miss out on the fun of calling friends and writing actual letters and receiving mail. Email isn't always the same as a real letter in your mailbox, ya know?

~**Dawn**~ said...

Email & text certainly have their place but I absolutely agree that there are times when speaking in person (or at least over the phone, if distance prevents in person) are necessary. Sometimes you just *need* the sound of an actual voice to connect. I also think saying something out loud forces you to own what you're saying. It's too easy to "speak without thinking" behind the relative anonymity of a text or computer screen. Even though I do correspond by text & email a good deal, I also make a point to pick up the phone as well as sending random cards & notes in the mail. It's something I hope my god daughter learns from by example too, between seeing her mother & I on the phone together (she often asks to talk for a minute) and receiving cards & such in the mail from me.