Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Some new pets

Emily has a sticker chart and gets rewarded with stickers for various things. When she completes a row she gets a treat: a toy, ice cream out, lunch etc.... And when she completes the entire chart she gets a trip to Chuck E Cheese. Well the other day she was SOOOO good she completed another row and we headed to Target. She wanted a toy this time around. We were looking at Barbies, Baby dolls but nothing seemed to stand out. Then I saw them....Sea Monkeys. Emily has been wanting her "own pet" for some time now. She considers a pet something that is enclosed like fish, hamsters, guinea pigs. Well I showed her the sea monkeys and explained to her what they were, she was so excited, her very own pets. We set up the aquarium last Wednesday and we waited. I noticed some the other day, but they were soooo teeny Emily couldn't really see them. Today was day one for feeding them and wow they are really growing, you can see these tiny suckers swimming around. (kinda like seeing sperm through a microscope) I can't believe these things actually hatched and are living. We had them as kids, but I don't remember much about them. The package says they are guaranteed to live for 2 yrs... We'll see about that.....Oh and the funniest thing is the package comes with this mini aquarium so you can bring them places......Emily wants to bring them to show people, but I'm not sure about that lol....she would be hysterical if they were to leak.....


Amanda said...

Andrew had sea monkeys years ago ~
Don't think ours lasted the two years though! LOL!!
Hope Emily enjoys hers :-)
Amanda x

Heather said...

I have been having major difficulty with Catherine's behavior at school. I think I am going to borrow this chart idea from you!

Tabitha said...

Daniel and lauren have had several lots of sea monkeys and they loved them ~ they did last quite a while ~ can't remember if it was 2 years though!!
I use reward charts for my 2 and they are a great idea!
love and hugs XXXXX