Monday, February 2, 2009


"Someone" I know is VERY sensitive and I have learned over the years to soften my approach when dealing with certain subjects. Sometimes I wanna punch this person out. I just had a conversation with this person and I said all I wanted to say and it felt good.

Now on the other hand...I still wanna punch this person out.



Amanda said...

I hope you feel better Julie and i wish you all the best on the bundle of joy, hopefully sooner rather than later!
Weight Loss isn't easy, that i know!! But i know you can do it:-)
Amanda x

Tabitha said...

I always feel better when I have said what I feel!!
Take care ~ love and hugs Tabitha XX

April said...

Eh, I say punch him/her out anyway. LOL Sorry, I'm a negative nelly today, maybe you shouldn't take advice from me! LOL

Anonymous said...

Good for you for speaking your mind! I usually keep it all bottled in, but I still desperately want to punch in their teeth.

Thanks for the congrats over at my place! :)

Btw-- your new layout is super cute!

~**Dawn**~ said...

I hate when I have to tiptoe around people. Sometimes it feels like more stress & effort than it's worth. =P