Tuesday, February 17, 2009

So tried!! Need sleep!! Zzzzzz

We are still living with one car. Jim's Dad helps by bringing Jim in a few days a week-Thank God! But the days when I have to bring him in or pick him up are tiring. Today was the worst.

Check out this schedule-
We headed out 7:30am
brought Jim into work 7:50am
I headed to "the city" to get a copy of Em's birth cert 8:10
Vital Stats office doesn't open till 8:30am sit in car for 20mins :(
Then headed to Walmart to kill time
Shopped for 30mins, the headed to pick Jim up for 10am
Drive to Jim's appt (work related) quick stop and headed to lunch 11am

** mind you this is basically been driving back and forth from one town to another ***

Then dropped Jim back to work and headed to yet another town to get my haircut got there early (12:30) appt was for 1pm.
Left salon at 2pm and had to pick up something for Jim at friend's house.
Head back into "city" to pick up copy of birth cert ("city" doing construction down town so city hall and vital stats in different places)
Head back to Jim's work area to go grocery shopping 2:30
Finish grocery shopping and head to pick up 4pm
Sit in car for 30mins waiting and then head home
Finally home for 5pm

I am so tired, I spent way too much time in my car. I wish you knew where I was driving-seriously back and forth. It sucked.

But my hair looks cute.


Robyn said...

Well for cute hair it was worth it, no?

Amanda said...

Don't you hate days like that?!
I hope you sat down and put your feet up after Em was in bed asleep :)

April said...

Post a pic of your hair missy!!

Oh! Would you guys be interested in a pick up truck at all? I think Daryl's work cells Chevy's and Ford's (in good condition) for approximately $1,000. I can have him ask about it? I think that's what we are going to do so that we have a second vechile...it won't be used as much as yours probably would, but we'd use it on the weekends!