Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Points, blah blah blah

I started counting points again today. I so love the online points tracker but hate thinking, especially today. But I am doing it. I know I can do this. I was always skinny. I can be skinny again. I want to get on track again, so when its warm again I can walk and work in the yard. I need to call the treadmill people, my treadmill is making a funny noise. I think the belt is loose or something?

I am having lunch with the girls (Chele, April & Keri) this Saturday and am excited to get out. Thank goodness the Wood n' Tap has a great ceasar salad with blackened chicken- YUM!

I need a personal chef and personal trainer!!!


Amanda said...

A chef and a personel trainer would be great ~ i would also like an all over body lift!!
Stick with it ~ you can do it!!

Amanda x

Robyn said...

I've thought about doing the get a trainer for a day that they offer at the Y, but I feel so intimidated by the whole thing.

Tabitha said...

I need one of each of them too ~ either that or a surgeon to sew my mouth shut ha ha ha !!!
Love and big hugs Tabitha XX

PS ~ Have a great day out XX

Chele76 said...

ladies - I've had personal trainers in the past. If you can do it - GO FOR IT. I wont kid you, it's HARD, but *very* worth it. They crack the whip on you and MAKE it happen. I was hard as a rock then. I should do it again, but I am WAY too cheap! lol

April said...

Yay! I can read your blog!! (from work? Nope.) Sorry I haven't commented in forever! I don't ususally use the computer at home!

I, too, have often wished I could get a personal trainer. Although the idea of one scares the crap outta me. They'd probably kick my ass! LOL