Friday, May 2, 2008

Carpet Beetles?

Today is just a lousy day.

  • Rain
  • low on $$
  • busy weekend coming up
  • carpet beetles

Carpet beetles you ask? I think I have carpet beetles! I don't know if it is the change in seasons or if getting the condo all cleaned and packed up. But there are these eensy weensy bugs, I find them everywhere. They aren't really gross (all bugs are gross) but are just annoying. Just when I think I have killed the last one, I see one more. While making my coffee this am, I swear I saw two fornicating. what the heck!!! Jim doesn't seem to notice them ever but I see them. They are soooooooo eensy but I see them, like Keri said they seem to be laughing at you. I think they are stalking me. Ever since we moved to the 'city' I freak about bugs, even get obsessed, I research them on the Internet-ever go to "what's that bug" website? I know I am crazy, who blogs about bugs? Now with planning to move to the 'country' where there are bigger and many more bugs. Funny story, Jim grew up in the 'country' specifically where we are moving and hated it, it happened to be my dream town. Every time I would see a bug here or freak over one he would say you'd never make it in the 'country'. Now here we go into 'bug country'. Maybe I will do a little searching for carpet beetle traps...gotta go kill some bugs!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I think I am a clean person. I keep a tidy house, vacuum once a week, wash my floors once a week, washing my clothes and bedding once a week.

I have noticed a few carpet beetle larvae in my house (split level). Mostly upstairs, in my bedroom of all places. And a few in the livingroom. I frantically tore my bedroom apart, and I was finding them in my dresser, closet floor, behind my bed, and in the corners. UGH!!! I immediately washed all the clothes (7 hours worth), took my mattress and boxspring to the dump. I vacuumed, 4 times the baseboards and floor, shampooed the carpet, sprayed carpet beetle bug spray, then headed to the furniture store and bought a new bedset and mattress set.

Next day I started on the living room, thankfully I have laminate flooring. I only found a couple larvae on the floor, BUT...... I saw one come out of the loveseat!!! I took the living room furniture to the dump, vacuumed 4 times, washed the floor, sprayed bug spray, and once again headed to the furniture store.

It took 3 days of cleaning - 12 hours each day, 24 loads of laundry, and $3000 in new furniture. And countless clothing and blankets thrown away. I may have gone a little over board, but I can't stand the thought of those things crawling around. Look at them with a magnifying glass - they are GROSS!

I still found 1 yesterday, and 1 today.

Today I will start the process all over again - downstairs.

All in all, I feel much better and believe I can eliminate them.