Monday, May 12, 2008

Roofer here to look at roof

So there was a banging at the door, I open the door to find a roofer was here to fix the roof. Well he comes in and Emily brings him to her closet and shows him the leak. She then starts to talk to him a mile a minute and as were walking him out their conversation goes something like this:

Emily- "Good, I'm glad you'll fix it, so my daddy won't be so mad"
Roofer- "Oh we don't want Daddy to be mad"
Emily- "My Daddy is happy, his name is Jim"
(she starts to talk to me as he heads for the door)
Emily- "Mommy is that the boy that Daddy called, I think there will be more boys coming"
(Roofer leaves and Emily sits on the couch)
Emily- "I love that boy, I am going to marry him"

Now this all was like one LONG sentence for her. So funny!!!


Poltzie said...

Aww, too cute!
Found your blog through Chele, keep at it :)

April said...

Too sweet..LOL...was the roofer good looking? LOL

Keri said...

no too early... but very sweet.

Taj said...

That is adorable! When mine was 5 she was absolutely positive she was going to marry her Daddy. When she realized she couldn't, she decided that she would never marry until she found someone just like

Here via April's blog. :)