Monday, May 12, 2008

Too Much toys?

Ok Mom's tell me, am I crazy??

You all know that when you have kids your house becomes filled with toys and kid things. My family always feel the need to tell me that Emily has too many toys or enough toys. Like I will mention something that Emily said she wants (right now an ipod-LOL) and they are always like, she doesn't need one, or she has enough stuff. Well, when birthdays or holidays come around what does she get from family- toys! It's like if I wanna buy her a toy I can buy her a toy. Geez if I wanna buy her an ipod I can!! But just because Emily shows me in the Walmart flyer that she wants the purple ipod shuffle with matching earphones-doesn't mean I am going to get her one. I mean she is only 3yrs old. Is it just my family or does everyone get this???