Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Such a beautiful day

Isn't it just gorgeous out!!

These are the days I really can't wait to be in the 'country' sitting on the deck (see my future back yard to the right) reading a book or watching Em playing. I thought since it was soooo nice out I would pull a folding chair out to our current teeny piece of yard (maybe 4ft X4ft) and read while Em played a bit, I was looking forward to it, to pretend we had a yard. I asked Em how she felt about it when I picked her up from School- she laughed out loud and said "Mom, we don't have a yard" ........

A little smack of reality from a very wise 3yr old.


Keri said...

BE - U - T - FUL!!!

i'm sooo jealous, i've got a teeny tiny yard too, and i long for a big ole back '40!!

jules said...

Well, when I am finally move in I will have to have the girls & little girls over for a gathering!!! I look forward to inviting people to my house again-since Em and her toys took over-we've been a bit anti-social... :)

April said...

You are going to LOVE your yard! It's so pretty!! I want to go sit out in it myself!