Wednesday, May 7, 2008

This morning Emily came into my room to tell me there were people on my deck (our deck is off our condo and doesn't have stairs) so half asleep I begin to freak out, as I was about to walk downstairs I remembered they have been staining the decks for the past week or so- guess it was our turn today. BUT whoa I was freaked out for a bit!

Tomorrow is the Mother's day tea at Em's school. It should be nice, both Grandmas are coming. Emily will love that! I hope I can survive, you other married mom's I'm sure know how potentially stressful hanging with mom and mom-in-law together can be.


Keri said...

OMG yes! my two mom's are sooo different! kinda glad i don't have to deal with that situation any longer... one good thing came out of not having my parents anymore.

jules said...

Isn't it awful! The funniest part is it's my Mom who really gets me crazy-since Em was born, my MIL and I have become very close.

April said...

That would have stressed me out as well! LOL