Wednesday, May 28, 2008

what is wrong with you??

I had to post this... Monday we were at my MIL's for a picnic, her boyfriend's daughter, her husband (we'll call him JC) and their 2 children were there also. Well, JC comes over to me and starts this weird convo, I'll try to get it right...

JC: Does she (my daughter) use (as he leans in closer to whisper) potty talk yet?
JC: Oh (as he points to his 6yr old daughter) she does
ME: Oh
JC: Does she say (again leans in to whisper) poopy head?
JC: How about (again he leans in for a whisper) a**hole?

Now I am thinking to myself, is this a weird convo or is this guys just enjoying whispering not so nice things in my ear?? Now I had my hubby laughing so hard when I told him later that night, maybe you need to know this guy (a bit weird) but I can't get over the whole thing...

family picnics, such fun


~**Dawn**~ said...

Ah yes. Thank you for reminding me why I mostly like the 1200-mile buffer I have with my own family. ;-)

Robyn said...

lol he probably didn't want his daughter to hear and start shouting poopy talk. Apparently it is the phase these days. There was a big article in Wondertime.

April said...

OMG can you say WEIRDO?!?! LOL That makes me giggle picturing a grown man whispering "poopy head" in your ear. ;-)