Monday, May 5, 2008

Another Monday, another saga....

Mondays aren't fun.... No stimulus check! According to the pay out schedule we were 'supposed' to get our check last Friday. We found out this morning, that because we had our fess were taken out of our refund we won't be getting it direct deposited but mailed at a much later date. I guess the process of taking the fees out isn't exactly the direct depositing they were talking about. UGH!! DOUBLE UGH!!! Being a SAHM this money was sooooo needed, NOW. Every little bit helps. Our plan was for me to find something to help bring in some more $$ when we made the official move to the 'country', but now it looks like it may take longer to move that we hoped for. We haven't had a showing since last Monday. So now I think I need to find something....But I don't know what to do. Sometimes I think this is the hardest part of being a Mom.


Keri said...

Do you still have a lot of Em's old baby clothes she grew out of?
You could always sell them on Ebay.
I've sold quite a few of Ava's clothes, esp. her HUGE collection of shoes. Pays for groceries some weeks.

jules said...

Thanks for the info. Yes I still have a TON of her clothes and things. I'll have to take a gander and see what's there. :)