Tuesday, November 4, 2008

WW food ideas

Hello, I need help!

Do any of you have some great weight watchers ideas or recipes. When I count my points I tend to eat the same foods. I need some variety and some recipes. The other night we had chicken breast ,frozen & breaded 6pts not bad for a quick meal. With the chicken I loaded up on veggies, Jim gave me a weird look. I thought why not a cup of green beans no points. So I need snack ideas, meal ideas.....HELP PLEASE!! I hate to try recipes off of ww website and not like them, which ones have you tried and loved?????


Mary said...

I'll have to check some of the sites I use to use.
I like Pirates Booty for a snack. I think it's barely any points.
There are rolls you can buy in the bread isle that are only like one point. They began with a B. I use to eat that with a slice of ham, the low fat swiss cheese and some sliced red onion. Broil it all for a min until the cheese melt.......delish! There's a red blush vinagrette salad dressing that's real low too that I use to add to things for flavor. I'll think of some more ideas for you!

Amanda said...

Over here WW has a web site, when you suscribe monthly ~ you have access to thousands of recipes online. Good Luck! I know what you mean, i tend to eat the same things over and over when on a diet.
Varity is the spice of life!!
Amanda x

April said...

I'm SO there...just trying to get back into the swing of ww and NOT get into my normal rut of the same foods over and over. That is what gets me...so boring...and I end up giving up! I want to read everyone's ideas for you! LOL

~**Dawn**~ said...

Ooo... check in with Heather on this one! She is well-versed with WW! I know she did it after Catherine & I believe she's back to it now as well.

Heather said...

there is a ww pizza i make that i love and the serving size is very large! email me to remind me to hunt it down and get it to you.