Saturday, November 15, 2008

busy, busy, busy

This week was crazy. We did so much around the house. I can't believe that I didn't post once, UGH!! I lost 1.4lbs this week. I am glad I lost but was hoping for a little more. Losing is losing I have to tell myself.

I am also trying to find the time to finish Twilight. I am in the middle of the book and I want to see the movie so badly. Today is rainy and dark maybe I can finish today since the house is clean and we did so much during the week. I can't believe that this book makes me smile. Like when Edward just showed up at her house to bring her to school or to walk her to class, I felt like I was in high school and a boy liked me. LOL!!! (tried not to talk too much about the book since everyone hasn't read it)

Hope everyone has a great weekend...........


Amanda said...

Congrats on your weight loss, that's 1.4 lbs of fat you will never see again!
I love the Twilight books and can't wait to see the movie to :-)
Have a great weekend!
Amanda x

Tabitha said...

Well done on the weight loss ~ every pound is a move in the right direction!!
I am waiting for the film to come out over here ~ we have to wait until December over here!!
Love and hugs XXXX

Robyn said...

a pound lost is a pound lost, just remember to just keep swimming, just keep swimming.

Heather said...

great job with the weight loss!
hurry with the book...the 4th one is the best yet! (in my opinion LOL)