Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Christmas is coming!!

I started putting up our Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving when Emily turned one. It has become our own tradition. This year Emily's birthday falls on the Sunday after Thanksgiving and I thought trying to put up the tree and getting ready for her party would be too hectic. So with an ok from two friends, I put it up the Saturday before Thanksgiving. Em had a blast, it was fun to see her do the same things I do. All of my ornaments mean something to me, my tree is very eclectic. When I had my wedding shower my Mother and bridesmaids had everyone bring an ornament for us. One from their own collection. So not only do I have ornaments I picked out for specific reasons. I have ornaments that remind me of everyone I know. Also every yr we buy an ornament at the big e. There is this one vendor that has ornaments and they personalize it. Jim and I bought one our first Christmas in the condo-2 bears holding Hershey kisses and it has the yr and our names on it. This yr we got two ornaments a pretty ballerina for Emily starting dance this yr and a fireplace with stockings with all of our names on it for our first Christmas in this house. I love to open all my ornaments and remember. We also have more room so I put up my little tree too. So cute. Emily wants a Princess tree for her bedroom, we'll have to wait and see on that one. Well here they are guys some tree pics.
Here is my tree, my topper is a bit crooked :) The flash is so bright you can't see the lights. Emily decided on the colored lights I prefer the white lights.
Here is my tree minus the flash so you can see the lights :) I also bought some lighted garland last yr for like 70 cents a peice on clearance last yr. It looks cute.
Here is my little 3ft tree. I totally forgot I had these little ornaments. I put it next to our fireplace in the Living room.
And here is a picture of Emily in her Christmas dress. We did a little photo shoot to get a picture for our Christmas card. She actually had fun doing it this yr. Usually I have to keep snapping my camera hoping she smiles or sits still for a minute, but this yr she is all about posing!!! We got a few good shots.

Happy Holidays everyone!! I am considering decorating my blog for Christmas, hmmm can I find the time.....


Amanda said...

Your trees is looking very pretty.
Emily is just lovely and i adore her Christmas party dress.
Now i can't wait to put my own tree up!
Amanda x

shesmarriednow said...

It looks beautiful! I always get mine up after thanksgiving too. A real one. Our family always laughs at us and tells us how its going to DIE before christmas....it never does! So its exciting to know I am not the only person who gets their tree up the day after thanksgiving!

Tabitha said...

The tree looks wonderful and I love the picture of Emily ~ she looks so sweet in that dress.
Hope all is well with you.
Love and hugs xxxxxxx

April said...

I LOVE your Christmas card picture! Emily looks so pretty and the trees are great!

Will said...

You can send your christmas card out using that photo with onepennypost.com

They send them for you and print them professionally.

Robyn said...

Nice trees and Em looks great.