Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy Monday! UGH.... I hate Mondays. I used to always think that Mondays stunk because I had to get up and go to work. Nope. Even when you work, Mondays stink!!

I started WW again Saturday, I am looking forward to weighing and seeing if I was successful. I already lost about 6lbs since we moved. So if I can lose a decent amount I may see a different "2nd" number if you catch my drift. That would be lovely!

I also started charting my temp last Monday. I have been talking to another bloggy friend about her charts and decided I am not getting any younger. I need to try for another baby. If I do not, I will regret it. Jim and I are both on board. I want to lose 30lbs first.

Now talking about WW, why is it that all you think about all day is food. Some days I can go all day and forget to eat. When I am on WW I am hungry from the moment I get up. All this Halloween candy doesn't help either!!!

Here are some Halloween pics. The weather being so cold I convinced Em to wear her dress up Cinderella dress, she agreed. But the weather here was beautiful for trick or treating! I hope everyone had a nice Halloween!
Here is Emily in her Cinderella wig, She refused to wear it. Thankfully I got at least on picture of her in it. So funny. Although when she made Daddy try it on, well now that was FUNNY!!!

Here she is ready for school. They don't wear their costumes to school. They do, however, dress as princesses and knights. The teachers don't want any of the kids to frighten the other with scary outfits. You'd think with pre-schoolers you wouldn't have to worry about that. But you do!! Don't you love the poofy princess hair-lol.

And here are our Jack O' lanterns. The littel pumpkin Emily grew at my Grandfather's house. She loved scribbling the faces on the pumpkins while Mommy tried to make it look like what she drew...They came out cute I think!! (oh and excuse the leftover streamers from LAST tuesday for Jim's bday)


Robyn said...

Em looks great.
I know what you mean about obsessing about food. I know I need to cut back on the sweets, but they are all I can think about.

Amanda said...

It's so true, as soon as you start a diet, all you can think about is when and what you are next going to eat!
Emily is cute all dressed up and i love her carved pumpkins :)
Good Luck!
Amanda x

Keri said...

You are so right... when i had gestational diab. all i could think of was CANDY CANDY CANDY... oh and apple turnovers!
We could take nice walks in the spring if i get to move closer...

Emily looks like a true princess!

Tabitha said...

Great pictures ~ emily sure is cute in that wig!!
Good luck with the dieting ~ and the baby!! I hope it all goes your way!!
love and big hugs XXXX

April said...

So cute! Love her princess dress.

And hmmm...I wonder who that bloggy friend could be??? ;-)