Wednesday, November 19, 2008


After the past few days, you are all aware that I am a HUGE Twilight fan (addict). I am anxious to see the movie. My husband and I will see it ,probably, Tues night. I've read some of the reviews that people have written who have already seen it. People who never read the books seem to like it. Fans of the books have been writing bad reviews. Now we all know that movies are rarely as good as the books. I never thought I would go and see the movie and love it as much as the books. I am glad, however, that I did read the books first so I was able to completely get lost in the story. The way I look at it is....the movie is just a companion to the books. Another way for us to get more of Edward and Bella. I hate when people have to be sooooo negative. I just hope it is a good movie, I have no expectations. I just hope my husband doesn't hate it and look at me like I am crazy because all I have been doing for the past few days is reading these books. LOL


Tabitha said...

I can't wait to see what you think ~ I hope you like it!!
I am waiting patiently for it to come here!
Hope all is ok with you
love and hugs Tabitha XXXX

Anonymous said...

I'm definitely looking forward to the movie! I'm hoping that I don't get too analytical about it considering that I'm an actress AND a Twilight addict. Hmmmm.

Jessica said...

I have been seeing the previews and it looks good! I haven't read any of the books yet. So I am debating if I should just see it then read it. Of course it'll take me forever to read the book! Im so indecisive.

Keri said...

I have yet to begin the craze... probably because when i get sucked into a book i do nothing else but read read read...
But you are sooo correct about MOvies NEVER being as good as books.
Because one's imagination is far more reaching and filled with way more nuiances than one can put on screen.
Just look at "IT"... the movie was good... but the book... now that's one that every horror/scifi fan should start with... classic King.

but April's quote on her blog of wondering if my DH would 'glitter' has me intriged into reading... although Chele knows of one time he DID glitter... damn bachelor parties.

Amanda said...

Lucky you, i wish i could go and see the movie too, but it's not out yet over here :-(
Can't wait to hear if you like it!
Amanda x