Friday, November 7, 2008

Furry Babies

Meet my furry babies. Sebastian aka "bubba", he is the big boy on the right and my baby girl Willow aka "Winky", "Winky Woo", "Willy" or "Willy Wonka" she is the pretty girl on the left. They love each other and aren't they cute cuddling. My Sebastian can be a meany, he is a big teddy bear to me, but has been known to scare a grown man and attack a dog. He's swatted at Emily a few times to just let her know who's boss. He even scared the bejesus out of Chele once (they have reconciled, LOL) but he sure loves his Willow. I sure love them! I miss my Barkley this December 20th will be 2yrs since he left us. He was my middle baby and a true middle child. Oh shucks I gotta show you him too!!
Here he is....during his healthy days....Just before he passed away, he was getting better and fatter....but it didn't last :(

Here is on the skinny side (he had diabetes) sleeping in Emily's high chair. So cute!H

He even loved a good Willow cuddle, here they are in Emily's room. He was such a good boy!! We miss ya Barkley!!!! aka "Bark a boo" or "Monkey"


Chele76 said...

That first pictures looks very naughty to me ;-)

And to clarify, Sebastian actually had me CORNERED once. lol

April said...

Awwww, Barkley looks like he was SUCH a sweetie. I love orange kitties. :-)

And I find it VERY hard to believe that Michele didn't stand her ground with Sebastian! Just how big IS he?? LOL

April said...

Oh and not leave out Willow, I LOVE her coloring! So pretty!

Amanda said...

I have a cat that looks just like your willow!
Very cute pictures :-)

Tabitha said...

Cute pictures of your kitties!
They all look sweet.
love and hugs XXXX

Anonymous said...

They are so adorable; I just want to snuggle with them all. Sorry to hear about your baby leaving. That is the worst! At least you still have fur babies to cuddle with.