Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Beautiful Day!!

Could today be more beautiful? Emily slept in, we had a quick meeting at our local cafe and walked over to our fire house to vote. They had two lines a-l and m-z...I live on a k street so I went into that line.....the SHORT line. The m-z line was out the door, a-l no one was in line. I like the new way to vote, I used to get all panicky thinking "now how does this booth work?".

On the school front, we hired a new teacher's aide. I think she is great! I think this is a very good thing!!!

On the dieting front. The Halloween candy is killing me. I am not a huge chocolate eater, but for some reason they are calling my name. Last night I had a bag of peanut m&m's. This morning I felt guilty because I REALLY want to lose weight this time around. I want to be me again, I feel like I am me trapped in someone else's shell. It's amazing what 30lbs could do to someone. I was overweight when I had Emily, although I was uncomfortable I still felt like me. After I stopped nursing I packed on an extra 30lbs (+ sometimes) and I felt SO NOT ME!! Well because of the guilt I stepped on the scale this morning-which I usually don't do my first week dieting- I lost 2lbs YAY!! I am so excited!! add that to my already lost 6lbs and woohoo 8lbs that is freaking awesome!! I feel like I have to incentive to not eat the candy now!!

Keri- YES YES YES I am sooooo up for walks in the spring!! and "Country" play dates!! We can check out each other's towns.


Mary said...

Yay for 8 lbs! That is fantastic! Keep up the good work :) (the halloween candy is absolutely killing me! I think I'm going to bring it all into work tomorrow and bring my co-workers down with me!! he he he)

Enjoy the rest of the beautiful day :)

Chele76 said...

yea loosing weight and yea for rockin the vote!!!

Tabitha said...

Well done with the weight loss, that is great ~ it is hard (I am dieting too!!) ~ but keep going!
love and hugs Tabitha XXXX

April said...

Eight pounds is FABULOUS! Good for you!!!

Robyn said...

8 pound is a great start. The candy is killing me too, it calls me all afternoon.