Saturday, November 22, 2008

Saturday morning weigh in

I had a horrible week, with food that is, I didn't count my pts at all. I tried to be good. There was so much going on. Cake leftover from Friday, birthday party Sunday, Wed I made food for my meeting and Thurs girls night out at April's! So today I decided to weigh in anyway....I lost .2lbs. After the week I had with food I will take that!! I already logged my breakfast and am ready to log all my pts this week. Hopefully next week will be a better loss.


Amanda said...

Don't be so hard on youself ~ 2 lbs is a really good weight loss!!
Your doing great :-)
Amanda x

Robyn said...

it is still a loss.

Tabitha said...

Well done ~ every loss is a step in the right direction!!
Take care
love and hugs Tabitha XXXX