Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I must find some time today.
Cleaning my house, Mom is coming over. People coming to look at furniture for sale. Make food for Board meeting tonight and of course actual meeting.
But I did fine time to run to Target this morning after I dropped of Em at school. Drove 20mins to buy Eclipse!! Living in the 'country' I have no stores in town besides CVS, Rite Aid and Stop and Shop. I'm sure I will be running to Target again this week for the Breaking Dawn. Then I can finally read April's post!! :)


Chele76 said...

you think I can hold off 6 weeks before buying Eclipse???


that is HILARIOUS!!!!

April said...

Ha ha!! My post from like a month or two ago??? WOO HOO!! I'd drive 20 min. out of the way for the Twilight series too. ;-)

Amanda said...

All those books are so addictive, i always wanted to read 'just one more page!'

Julie said...

My Mom came to visit today, she usually ignores me and plays with Em...I just wanted to start Eclipse LOL. But I will wait til after my meeting, its my turn to run it so I don't want to be thinking about Edward and Bella ONLY!!! said...

Read, read, read, read!