Saturday, April 26, 2008

Potty Issues

Even though my 3 yr old has been potty trained for 9+mos, we still have the occasional issue with #2, I know TMI, right now she won't 'help' herself go, she's been on the potty for 1hr (almost) she thinks it will just happen. I am so frustrated, sounds horrible, there is nothing I can do. I wanna help her, she is crying. I'm gonna have to go back to straight apple juice everyday. I feel so bad for her. HELP!!! :(


Keri said...

Ava has 'poo' issues to some times. The doctor recommended i give her Miralax (otc hot pink cap) once daily... i found that was waaaay to much. So once a week i add about 1/2 to 1/4 capful of miralax to her juice/water and that seems to soften her poo. Give too much though... and you got a biiiiiigggggg mess ;> so just try a little and adjust from there.

Heather said...

catherine was the same way...and at times still is. we had her on medication however the pediatrician did not want her body to get used to it so she no longer had her own control. apple juice actually binds so you might want to cut that a bit however i was introduced to plum smart by my darling Dawn and catherine loves it and it seems to be doing the trick! she only drinks a glass once or twice a week and it really seems to help.