Saturday, April 19, 2008

For the past 2 weeks I have been so sick, and for the past 7days I have been voiceless. My daughter had been acting up and told my husband the other day "everyone is noring me". I felt so bad. What's left of my voice, or should I say whisper, doesn't seem to hold any authority with her. She doesn't want to listen, it makes even the smallest things hard. I can't wait for my voice! I can really talk with the best of them and I bet even my husband is wishing for those days where I bombard him with stories and questions when he walks through the door. :)

Oh and did I miss spring while I was cooped up in this box?

Oh and news on the condo, we had a busy week while I was sick, we had about 7 people come and go. No one today-thank goodness. But tomorrow at 2pm we have a woman coming who is interested. She is actually deciding between our condo and another. So keep your fingers crossed, this would be so great. I know our place has been on the market for such a short time, but it is such a pain getting the house ready for a showing-plus having to tote the two cats and a 3yr old. Soooo not fun.