Monday, April 28, 2008


Ok maybe I will be dating myself after this post, but I don't care. I went to many concerts in my day, and remember only paying $35-65...Now it's crazy how much tickets can be. I saw Gwen Stefani last yr and paid $80 for the VERY VERY last seat in the row furthest away from the stage- there was a wall behind me. George Michael-who was my all time favorite in Jr high and high school is coming around and not only can I not afford a splurge like that but can't even think of it. I mean when I saw Gwen it was me and my Sis-in-law so I only paid for me, if I went with Hubby that would be double. HECK it cost me $150 for me, Emily and my Mom to see the Wiggles....Everything is getting so expensive, what will tickets cost when she wants to see the latest craze???? "Well Emily, we can buy gas for Daddy to get to work or you can see the band?"